People from China Quit the CCP at a Tourist Spot in Europe

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"Please help me quit [the CCP]. Thank you! Do you still have more copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party? It is a treasure! I'd better take some to my family." Many tourists talked to volunteers of the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at a tourist spot in Europe recently.

Volunteers usually encourage tourists from China to read the Nine Commentaries when they see them during their trips, and if they want to take some copies back to China, this is usually a good chance to do so. There are also many volunteers in China who are distributing information, including the latest news of great concern. The volunteers say, "Don't miss the chance to learn the true story."

While a group of tourists from Beijing were waiting for their shuttle bus, they accepted printed materials and listened to volunteers. Some quit the CCP and its affiliated organisations on the spot.

Two middle-aged men shouted from far away, "I'm a member of the Communist Party. I'm determined I won't quit." Someone from the group said to them, "Quit pretending! These two people were cursing the CCP with us a while ago. They cursed more than anyone else. They know the CCP better than us, including a lot of insider information. Now they have suddenly changed! Don't listen to their nonsense! Do they really not want any materials? Do they really not want to listen? They actually agree with what you say, but they are afraid that others will report them if they take Falun Gong materials and talk to Falun Gong practitioners."

Another person in the group said, "What's wrong with Falun Gong? How can we believe what the CCP says? It said Falun Gong was bad, but I think it is good. The more I heard, the more I thought it over. If we listen to the CCP, we could get its lousy luck!"

Another person said, "Who in China doesn't curse the CCP? It's wicked. Even those in the party curse it in private. Much less say it to everyday people."

A young tourist told the volunteer, "I'm determined to quit. Please help me quit." Several tourist said, "Please continue. We are listening. We would like to quit. All of you said was right. We can't miss the chance today." Others said, "We may not be able to take print materials, but we have to listen to the true story and quit the CCP." Others all agreed.

Before they got on the bus, one tourist went back to the volunteer and said, "I have to take a copy if others haven't." Another person asked as he was boarding, "Have you put the Nine Commentaries in the package you gave me?" He was happy to know his package did include the Nine Commentaries.

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