Frankfurt Audiences Resoundingly Praise Shen Yun Performing Arts: 'It speaks to one's heart'

Michael Gahler, delegate to the European Parliament for the German State of Hesse.
Michael Gahler, delegate to the European Parliament for the German State of Hesse and member of the European Foreign Affairs and other committees, attended the matinee performance of Shen Yun Performing Arts at Frankfurt's Jahrhunderthalle on Sunday, March 14. The audience honoured the artists with three curtain calls and resounding applause throughout the show before the last curtain fell.

Mr. Gahler expressed his appreciation for Shen Yun. "My impression is very positive. Seen from an artistic standpoint, the show reached the highest standard. The dancers with their poised figures, the marvellous costumes, the movements and the backdrop were artistically the best. I very much enjoyed the show."

Mr. Gahler said: "The show was very impressive, especially the colours and the dances. The colours were dazzling. Additionally, the message the artists conveyed was very clear."

"I think every single one of the dances was very impressive. The dance Flowing Silk, the one where the dancers wore those long sleeves, was very effective. There was this special effect when the dancers turned."

Dances such as this with what Chinese call "water sleeves" are a favourite in classical Chinese dance. The Sleeves' patterns conjure an image of rippling water.

Mr. Gahler was also impressed with the breathtaking backdrops which displayed traditional scenes and landscapes. "The pictures on the backdrop greatly matched the colours on stage," he said.

Mr. Gahler was touched by the two dances in the show that depict the on-going persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in modern-day China. He referred to the two scenes Nothing Can Block the Divine Path and Astounding Conviction.

"It told the audience that today there is no freedom of belief, freedom of faith, conscience and creed in China when it comes to Falun Dafa adherents."

In conclusion he said: "The show was very diverse and touched on stories of ethnic groups from throughout China-from the north, Inner Mongolia, to Tibet, and then to the south, to Beijing. All of that presented an overview of China's cultural diversity."

Shen Yun 'Enchanting'

Dr. Schneeweiss, an eye doctor and former athlete, was glad that she had bought a ticket to see Shen Yun Performing Arts.

"The show was enchanting," she said. "The rich colours and everything was done very aesthetically.

Dr. Schneeweiss enjoyed Shen Yun.

"I have never seen such a show, nor have I heard such music. Yet, the music sounded familiar. I think that was because of the Western instruments that fused with the Eastern instruments. It was lovely to hear the foreign sounds of the Eastern instruments."

She added, "It is as if one stepped into a totally different world, and yet, it speaks to one's heart, and it is so familiar."


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