Shen Yun in Dresden: 'The Expression of Inner Beauty is Just Wonderful!'

The New York-based Shen Yun Touring Company brought their unique blend of Chinese classical dance to Germany's Dresden Kulturpalast for a second year on April 14.

The opening show was filled to capacity, with an enthusiastic audience honouring the artists with thunderous applause throughout the performances, three curtain calls and a standing ovation before the last curtain fell.

In the audience were Inga Zich, a native of Kazakhstan and a fashion designer, and her husband, Alexej Zich, marketing manager. Both own the fashion house Individoo, located in downtown Dresden. They sell one-of-a-kind dresses and wedding gowns and dresses.

Inga and Alexej Zich in the lobby of the Dresden Kulturpalast

"This inner joy, this expression of inner beauty is just wonderful. I was trying to find someone to tell them of the beauty of the Shen Yun show," said Mr. Zich

"It was fascinating," continued Mr. Zich. "I was very impressed. I was most fascinated by the positive energy, which was fun-loving and full of life. There was so much positive energy. This is what impressed me a lot."

Ethnic Chinese dance for him is different to what he had been exposed to in his past.

"Chinese folklore is different from other cultures. It appears to me that they have a lot of joy in life, and this is what helps these people to go on and survive despite all the difficulties."

Having come from a background quite like present-day China, he said, "We have experienced a similar system to the one you can find in today's China. I can understand what the people in China feel today. It is similar to what we experienced in Eastern Germany. We had the same political system."

Mr. Zich referred to what he saw while watching the performance Astounding Conviction, where the curtain opens on a lone man in Tiananmen Square, holding a banner that says "Falun Dafa is Good." With these simple words of affirmation, he peacefully expresses his opposition to the government policy of persecution that targets his faith.

His wife joined in the discussion and said, "The colours are wonderful, especially when it comes to the colour combination. They are the opposite of depressing and pessimistic. They are so beautiful."

Then she spoke of the dance Flowing Silk which is often called 'water sleeves.' This is a popular concept in Chinese classical dance. "The silk dance was marvellous. The background enhanced the entire scene. The flowing materials were of great importance to the dance and emphasized the dance movements."

Given her background in fashion design, she emphasized that "one has to keep in mind the movements when producing such silk costumes for the dancer. And silk is especially very difficult to handle when one sews, as flowing materials are difficult to work with."

The costumes' colours dazzled her eyes. "Did you notice the colouring technique? How one colour runs into the other? This is true art. This is very difficult. I would love to do this someday. This is on my list of things to do."

Finishing off her thought, she added, "The show was very inspirational for my work. This is truly something very spontaneous."


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