Taiwan: "Thanks to Shen Yun Performing Arts for their performance in Yunlin!"

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"Thanks to Shen Yun Performing Arts for their performance in Yunlin!" exclaimed Yunlin County Councilor Lan Wenxin after watching Shen Yun on the afternoon of April 21st. He was visibly moved and said, "While watching Shen Yun, I could sense harmony and peacefulness. I am not the only one who feels this way. Many others share the same feeling."

Although it was a weekday, people thronged the Concert Hall of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Yunlin County Government. Lan Wenxin, who watched Shen Yun for a second time, appreciated the Shen Yun show being presented in Yunlin, which he felt enhances the local cultural and artistic environment. He said, "Shen Yun is the world's top performing arts company. Each programme is very good, just terrific! Enthralling! The introductions by the host and hostess were also incredibly touching. Seeing the show helps upgrade the level of our minds."

Calligraphy expert Lan Wenxin is also fond of ancient Chinese culture. He admired the programme Wu Song Battles the Tiger for integrating ancient Chinese culture into art. Deeply touched, he said, "I think I am not the only one who feels this way. Judging by the enthusiastic applause, I know hearts of the audience are linked, since we are greatly and deeply touched."

He expressed his appreciation for the solo performances by the vocal artists. Lan Wenxin heard [Falun Dafa] referenced in the lyrics, and he said that the Yunlin County Government has expressed serious concern over the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners.

President of Cultural and Educational Foundation Deeply Moved

Ms. Wu Chi-Chao, president of the Zheng Fengxi Cultural and Educational Foundation, was also in attendance and exclaimed, "I'd love to see the same show again because I was deeply moved and enlightened!"

Visibly moved by Shen Yun, Ms. Wu said with emotion, "Shen Yun illustrated the traditional and classical Chinese [culture], which seemed to be far away from us. The show was an artistic feast which opened our long-lost memories, and touched our hearts." In terms of its impact on education, she explained, "It's very good. It would be great if we could have children see the show, because it could cultivate their morality, and revive the ancient virtues of simplicity and cherishing what we have now."

"I often participate in various activities in society; I found that there have been too many changes in society. I think we need some good cultural artistic performances to rectify human morality and the chaotic phenomena in society. So I hope Shen Yun is able to perform here more often," said Ms. Wu.

Ms. Wu Chi-Chao was the wife of Mr. Zheng Fengxi, the writer of a best-selling book, A Boat on the Boundless Ocean, which depicts Mr. Zheng's struggle to survive a life of misery and his extraordinary love of his wife. The novel was subsequently adapted into a famous movie entitled He Never Gave Up. Zheng Fengxi was born with congenital deformities, and was terminally ill with liver cancer when the movie was released. He left behind his wife and two young children. Ms. Wu carries on her husband's wishes and dedicates herself to causes serving the disabled and the community.




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