Switzerland: Patron Drawn to Shen Yun Like a Magnet

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Florence Clavier traveled from Geneva to see Shen Yun for a third time in Neuchatel, Switzerland on May 15.

NEUCHÂTEL, Switzerland--Florence Clavier is a stopover director for an airline company at the Geneva airport. She travelled over an hour from Geneva to see the Shen Yun Performing Arts show on May 15. This was her third time seeing Shen Yun.

Ms. Clavier said, "I don't know why I return each time-I am magnetised! The first time was magic, the second was also magic, and the third was even more magic!" After the show, she said, "I leave from there rejuvenated, rested. The colours are splendid and the dancers are smiling so much that you cannot help but arise, delighted."

Ms. Clavier shared that she is very attracted to Indian and Tibetan culture and she practices both yoga and Buddhism. She liked the Tibetan Dance of Praise, "The legends and stories told in the show bring us back to the past but they also do well in the present, too," commented Ms. Clavier. "This belongs to a culture that they have tried to share."

She was impressed by the grace of the dancers in the piece Flowing Silk, where the long silk sleeves float in the air, rippling as if in water. These "water sleeves" are a favourite in Chinese classical dance, and the luxurious and authentic costumes combined with the grace of the dancers helped to bring about an effect which Ms. Clavier found to be very relaxing, harmonious, and peaceful. "I ask myself sometimes if our culture was not inspired by the Chinese culture. Why are we so attracted to these Chinese dances? It could be the grace, the serenity ... ," she mused.

"The show makes you dream"

Adriano Stoppa, owner of a construction firm who helped in the construction of the Théâtre du Passage, came back to the theatre on Friday night to this enjoy a world class show--Shen Yun.

"I have a very good impression of this show. I heard about this show from the newspapers; I read the articles in Neuchatel Press," he explained. "We wanted to come yesterday, but there were no seats left. We asked if there were seats tonight and they told us there are only folding seats left, and we took them immediately."

After watching the show, he said with conviction, "We do not regret it at all. We are very delighted. The show makes you dream; it's magnificent."

Mr. Stoppa's companion also praised the show. "It is very beautiful, the precision, the colours, everything matched well together," said Claudia Pereira. "I had a lot of pleasure watching it. The scene with the mother and the child in the period of communism, it was really emotional," she said, referring to the dance Nothing Can Block the Divine Path which portrays the persecution of a mother and daughter who practice Falun Gong in China today.

"It is fantastic"

Steve and Michelle Goepfert

Steve and Michelle Goepfert also watched the show on Friday evening. Mr. Goepfert, managing director of the company Soins Plus, said the show is "full of surprises. The messages of spirituality and wisdom are clear in the show. ... It is fantastic, it is very beautiful."

Mrs. Goepfert said Shen Yun is beautiful to watch and that it makes her feel good to watch the show. "We would like to come back with our kids. We are going to come back next time to see the show again," she said.


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