Germany: Practitioners Hold Activities to Rescue a Practitioner's Mother from Prison in China

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On Saturday August 14, 2010, Falun Gong practitioners held a petition drive and information display in Offenbach, a city in central Germany, to rescue 62-year-old practitioner Ms. Li Guizhen from Suzhou who was unjustly arrested and sentenced to three years in prison. Ms. Li Guizhen's daughter lives in this city, and is calling for the release of her mother. This is the fourth Saturday in a row practitioners have held such activities in this area.

This place was very busy, with many cars and pedestrians passing by. Many people stopped to find out what the activity was about. They asked questions, took materials, and signed the petition to show their support.

Recently, the Offenbach Post reported on the situation of how Ms. Li Guizhen was persecuted in China for practising Falun Gong. The mayor of Offenbach, Ms. Birgit Simon also signed her name on the petition during practitioners' activities two weeks ago. Ms. Li's daughter said that the police raided her mother's house without following any legal procedures, and illegally confiscated possessions from her house as "evidence." Moreover, according to Ms. Li's lawyer, the name on the search warrant wasn't Ms. Li, but someone else.

According to information provided by Ms. Li's family members, she is currently being held in Jiangsu Province's Nanjing Women's Prison.

Nanjing Women's Prison in Jiangsu Province

Party deputy secretary of the prison, (person in charge of the prison): Wang Lili

Deputy secretary of the prison, and political head: Wu Xiaofeng

Enquiries: 86-25-52353917

also: 86-25- 52353936

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