From a Sickly Child to a Healthy Young Dafa Practitioner

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My wife and I began practising Falun Gong in early 1996. My wife was five months pregnant in July 1999, when the Chinese communist regime launched the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. The persecution was very severe everywhere in China at that time. On July 20, my wife went to the provincial government to appeal for Falun Gong. As a result, she was detained in the stadium. Due to stress the baby's foetal position dropped lower.

She went to the hospital to have an examination and was told that the baby could probably not be saved, and they recommended that she have an abortion. Since killing is a sin, we decided to have the baby. Moreover, the baby had listened to Master's Fa lectures on the audio tapes and had also been present when my wife and I participated in the April 25 Appeal.

I later had a dream that the baby would be born in three days. At that time, the doctor had already taken some measures to save the baby and told us to have the delivery when the time was right. I was confused, and wondered if the dream might be wrong. I called a taxi and prepared to go home, but when the taxi arrived, I was told that my wife had already been sent to the delivery room.

I was very scared when the infant was born because it weighed only about 2 lbs. It kept asphyxiating constantly and his whole body was black and blue. We held it upside down and hit its feet in order to make it cry and breathe. He was stable for a while, but then he started to asphyxiate again. My wife didn't have milk so we could only use a dropper to put some glucose into its tiny mouth in order to keep him alive.

It was a very turbulent month when my workplace, the residential committee, and the police all put pressure on me to renounce Falun Gong. We were shocked terribly by these sudden tribulations and didn't know what to do. I understood however that the baby came here to obtain Dafa and he was very precious. The doctor recommended that we rid ourselves of the baby since it asphyxiated for so long and would have brain dementia and heart disease when it grew up. We felt that the baby came here especially for the Fa and we didn't have the right to determine its life or death. It came to obtain the Fa and it is very precious.

Due to the persecution, not until he was four years old did we read Dafa books to him. His health was extremely poor and he wasn't able to speak. He had a rebellious and retiring temper as well as poor intelligence. Because he had a heart valve defect and inflammation in the lungs, we had to take him to the hospital every week which cost us 400 to 500 yuan each time. We were also being forced to pay illegal fines by the Chinese communist regime at that time and life was very hard for us.

My wife said that since Dafa could bring beauty to so many people, then we should also bring our baby into Dafa. I was worried whether he could understand such a situation. My wife said that everyone was equal under Dafa, so I had to let go of my worries.

We first had him hold the book Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Dafa practice, in his hands and follow us to read sentence by sentence. He used his fingers to point to the words. At that time, he was not able to open his mouth and talk, so it was quite difficult for him. Dafa is supernatural and we knew he could make it. Six months later, he was able to imitate our words and finished reading Zhuan Falun. What's more magical was that he took the initiative to open his mouth to say a word, then a sentence, and then a paragraph. We realized that it was Dafa's supernormal nature.

Our son's health also improved for the better. His fever and illnesses became less frequent. His health improved, and his illnesses became less frequent, from every week, to every two weeks, and then to once per month. When he was sick, we often asked him first, "Would you like to go to the hospital or study the Fa and send forth righteous thought to eliminate the bad things?" He was so innocent that he said, "I want to do the exercises."

Since he possessed good enlightenment quality, we could see Dafa's supernormal nature. He didn't go to the hospital or take any medicine for several years. He once had trouble with diarrhoea for three to four days and didn't feel like eating anything. I asked him, "Do you feel tired?" He said no and he was still able to go to school. Several days later, everything returned to normal.

In terms of intelligence, our son obtained a supernatural state by studying the Fa. When he entered the first grade at school, he took a test for Chinese characters. From the result, we could see that he had read a lot and knew more words than other students in his grade. He was able to recognize all the words in Dafa books when he was in the first grade. We just let him study the Fa. He is now very active in studying the Fa and reads one chapter each day.

Since he's always busy studying, we didn't ask him to take additional after-school classes. Yet he often drew pictures and added words to the pictures to make books. He put the words together to form a novel, which contained between ten and twenty thousand words.

His music teacher evaluated him and said that he had many artistic talents. The teacher likes his drawings very much and he said that they were awesome. His art teacher said, "Your drawings are wonderful in creativity and colour." Personally, I'm not knowledgeable in art, yet I know that what he draws is pure, so people like it.

I don't give him too much praise for his good work. I just tell him that these abilities come from the supernormal nature of Dafa. Who could imagine that he was as little as a small cat when he was born, wasn't able to talk at five years old, had illnesses everywhere in his body, and was thought of as permanently disabled by the doctor! He is now rather tall compared with others in his class, and it's hard to believe what he was like in the past.

What makes me happy is that by studying the Fa, my child can maintain purity in his heart in an environment where the moral values are quite low. He doesn't swear at others or lie, and he doesn't eat snacks or take pocket money. I offered him some pocket money yet he refused to take it. Neither does he play fancy toys or video games. He doesn't involve himself in those things one bit.

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