Brutal Torture Could Not Shake My Belief in Falun Dafa

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I am a primary school teacher in Inner Mongolia. I started practising Falun Dafa in March 1998. Pretty soon after, my nephritis (a kidney disease) was cured by the practise, my moral character was upgraded, and Dafa had changed me. After the persecution against Falun Dafa started in July 1999, I went to Beijing on two occasions. With a kind heart, I appealed to the government and told them my personal experience with Falun Dafa.

The first appeal occurred in July 20, 1999, after which I was detained for 15 days and extorted 2000 Yuan [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan]. The second appeal happened in October 13, 1999; this time I was detained several times during the months after the appeal. The local public security bureau director Wang Lei ordered Bu Gucheng, and Wen Xiulin to torture me twice with the intention of forcing me to give up my practise of Dafa, but I refused. I was cuffed to a radiator, and my face, head and back were beaten with sticks and electric batons. Bu Gucheng kicked my chest, causing two of my ribs to break. Amidst this beating, Wang Lei claimed he'd torture me further. During the detention period, they tried every means to compel me to give up the practise of Dafa, but failed. After seeing their efforts were futile, they sent me to Ximeng for a three-year term of forced labour.

In Ximeng, we were monitored. We could not study the teachings of Falun Dafa or do the exercises. At around September 17, 2000, the fourth brigade in the new Wuyuan Labour Camp forced us to work in the morning and recite the camp rules in the afternoon. Anyone not following would be locked in solitary confinement. During that period of time, my term was extended since I studied hand written copies of the Dafa book. Secretary Mu and Liu Baohua threatened me in various ways, and said that if I were not reformed, there would be no way out.

In January 2001, secretary Mu of the Wuyuan Labour Camp ordered police to perform an 11-day "special education programme" just for me. Each day, only two hours sleep were allowed. During the day, I was forced to read slanderous materials against Dafa; no breaks even at noon. But they failed to "reform" me.

On January 31, 2002, the police took my Dafa materials away. I asked the head of the guards to return the Dafa materials to me, but he said they'd follow orders even if the orders were wrong. I and two of the practitioners then went on a hunger strike in order to have our Dafa materials returned. During the hunger strike, from January 31 to February 6, I was isolated in an empty room; no blankets were supplied, and I slept on the cold floor. I told the policemen the truth of Dafa, and that it's wrong for them to abuse practitioners.

On February 6, policeman Sun Guoqing, from the first brigade dragged me by my arms to the meeting room on the first floor. About 9 policemen, including Li Weidong, Zhao Naiwei, Liu Jun, Zhang Qian, Chen Lei, Zhang Dahu were already there. They circled around me, and Sun Guoqing, Li Weidong and Liu Jun bound my arms with a rope behind my back, forced me to kneel down and pulled my upper body into a straight line by dragging the rope upwards. Then, they shocked me with three electric batons on my chest and waist areas. Cheng Lei kept shocking my navel while he was drunk. Sun Guoqing took off my pants, and shocked my foot arch with electric batons. Then they released the rope on my arms, and started to shake my body violently by pulling and dragging my arms; all the while sneering and mocking me. I was very weak and unable to move my arms while they forced me to sway my hands. After they did this, they cuffed me to the rear of a chair.

In the afternoon, they repeatedly shocked me with three electric batons, and stuffed a towel in my mouth in order to prevent my shouting from being heard. My entire body was trembling from the electric shocks. As the shocking continued, my body contorted in many positions. At the sight of this, Chenglei said he was making me "samba." The areas on my body that were shocked became bruised, blackened, and scarred. Traces of bleeding due to the tight tying of the rope could be seen on my arms as well. After the torture, they cuffed me to the same chair. During this time, my arms swelled due to the blockage of the blood flow and my arm joints were clipped by the chair and became extremely painful. Under this torture, they left me, cuffed to the chair until midnight.

These barbarians tortured me both mentally and physically, with the attempt to change my belief, but my determination to protect Dafa became more steadfast.

At around ten in the evening on February 8, 2001, I was arrested and sent to the Dongshen City Public Security Bureau by policemen Yang Yongqing and Ba Teer while delivering Dafa truth materials. They cuffed me to a radiator, but I refused to answer their questions. Yang Yongqing ruthlessly stepped on my face and mouth, and Ba Teer kicked my face. At 4 am, February 9, I was sent to the Dongshen detention station. On the bus, while driving there, Yang Yongqing and Ba Teer stomped on my body and mercilessly kicked me all over. Yet once we arrived at the detention station, I shouted at the top of my lungs: "Falun Dafa is good! Restore the good reputation of Dafa! Falun Dafa is righteous!"

During February 5th to 11th, I was locked in a steel cage (in which one cannot stand, or lie down--only sitting is allowed). I calmed my heart and meditated in the cage. I refused to accept their requirements of me. Once Wang Erren, the deputy director of the Dongshen Public Security Bureau, and Yang Yongqing wanted to take a picture of me. I refused to cooperate. Yang Yongqing tore my mouth with his hands, and Wang slapped my face while a secretary-general from the Yimeng government was watching.

During the period I was in the Dongshen Detention Centre, they tried multiple despicable means in hopes of changing my faith in Falun Dafa. Guard En Ke said he would give me 10,000 Yuan if I told them what they wanted. They also deceived my family members into attempting to persuade me to write a "statement of regret." But all of their cunning methods did not work on me. I took every chance to tell them that persecuting my Teacher and slandering Falun Dafa is wrong, and we Dafa practitioners are determined to guard Dafa!

I was detained in the Dongshen Detention Station for 217 days. Without any paperwork received, I was then sent to the third brigade of Wuyuan Labour Camp. When I arrived in the third brigade, I shouted: "Falun Dafa is good! Restore the good reputation to Dafa! Falun Dafa is righteous!" Several criminals kicked and punched me, causing my mouth and nose to bleed. The bridge of my nose was traumatised. In the third brigade, they instructed other forced labourers to monitor Dafa practitioners. No contact of any sort was allowed between Dafa practitioners. They also started slandering classes with the aim of damaging Dafa and our Teacher. Against this, we made use of conversation, written reports, etc to tell policemen the truth of Falun Gong, and to let them understand the truth of Falun Gong and Dafa practitioners. We refused to write, listen, or read any materials made to slander Dafa and our Teacher. However, from this, they only made more excuses to abuse and torture us.

On the morning of December 6, 2001, I and 10 other Dafa practitioners were brought into a room. Two officials and several police officer sat near each other. At this time, Dafa practitioners were ruthlessly beaten, one after another, by 7 or 8 policemen, outside the room because they refused to do the so called "homework" designed to defame Dafa.

At that moment, there were only four practitioners and I were left in the room, Mu Jianfeng asked if we would do the "homework" in the future, and I sternly replied "no." Mu then said, "then you go out!" I walked out of that room, and saw the corridor in a mess. A group of policemen were beating Dafa practitioners who were lying down on the ground.

Two practitioners were badly hurt, and were crying. I was taken somewhere else and Sha Huiming and several others tried to persuade me, but I didn't answer them. So my hands were cuffed from my back and shoved me forward. They stripped off my upper clothes and forced me to stand there. Liu Jun then tried to force me to kneel down, but I said: "I've never knelt to anyone, please do not insult me." Seeing my attitude, they flocked up to beat me down to the ground and then hit me heavily with their fists and boots. When they were tired from beating me, they took a break, and caught their breath, then they started to beat me again. Yang Yang punched my chest violently, and slapped my face. Three officers slapped my face and head with all their might, causing me to bleed. I warned them that it's illegal to beat people. Yang Yang then answered in a mocking tone, "Who has beaten you? With what?" All the while, others kept punching me.

Since their hands and feet became tired, they started to randomly shock me with two electric batons. They shocked my body, my neck and my mouth before the batons finally ran out of electricity. But this didn't stop them. Taking a break, they relaxed themselves, and waited for the electric batons to recharge. While waiting for the recharge, Du Xiangyang beat me violently with a broom until it was completely destroyed. Then Du violently kicked my back, abdomen, and legs with his boots. Mu Jianfeng asked if I would do the "homework," but I still said "no." He then slapped my head in every which way, after which, together, they started the third round of beating.

Du Xiangyang picked up a dirty slipper on the ground and violently slapped my mouth. But, after a while, he sought something that could do more damage and went out to find a rubber shoe with a thick sole so he could slap my mouth even harder. At this time, Cheng Lei picked up the recharged electric batons and inserted one electric baton into my mouth, saying he wanted my face to warp. Liu Jun held another electric baton to shock my neck, saying he wanted to see me "samba" (when being shocked by electric batons, one's head and body would jerk, the policemen nicknamed this "samba"). They laughed mercilessly at my suffering.

Du Xiangyang asked if I would do the "homework." Since they inserted an electric baton into my mouth, my face and my whole body was jerking and I was unable to speak. Thus Du said, "You are breaking the camp rules by not answering the questions raised by a policemen." Then he slapped my face with the rubber sole. The electric batons ran out of electricity again; the policemen became tired again, and Mu asked yet again if I would do the "homework." I told him, "You instigated them to do bad things, and my answer will remain the same as long as I am alive: 'No'."

Mu Jianfeng then stopped the thugs from beating me anymore. Liu Jun released the handcuffs. Even though my body was covered in bruises, I put on my clothes walked out of the room. I saw three practitioners on the corridor ground. Wen Yong was lying down, leaning against a wall. Zhang Qian asked us to loosen our belts and shoelaces. Wen Yong wasn't able to straighten up, so I went to help. Zhang Qian then angrily shouted at me, "Leave him alone!" Wen Yong tried very hard to loosen his shoelaces but could hardly do it since he was beaten so badly. Yang Zhengqi was the last one walking out of the room with the assistance of someone else. We returned to the corresponding groups in the third brigade, on the fourth floor, while being monitored by the policemen and criminal monitors. Yang Zhenqi and I were in the sixth group. I saw Yang's head swollen badly, his face deformed. About ten minutes later, Li Suruan, Chen Gang, Liu Bei, Guo Bingqiang were called to the second brigade and Yang Zhengqi was transferred to another group.

I started a hunger strike to protest their torture. My hunger strike started from December 6. On December 12, 2001, I was transferred to the first brigade, whereupon I started eating and drinking.

The above is part of the persecution I suffered.

* * *

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