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  • Looking Within Unconditionally Whilst Working in the Media

    From the 2018 European Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference
  • Recite the Fa, Look Within, Save Sentient Beings

    From the 2018 European Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference
  • The Best Thing in My Life Ever

    From the 2018 European Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference
  • Important Insights Gained in Cultivation

  • Persisting in cultivation

    I felt for the first time the sensation to be part of the one body. Our sharings were open and sincere without any fear or prejudice. Amid difficulties and mistakes, everyone looked inside and we never pointed the finger to others. We worked hard until the end to encourage all of them to sign. In the end 61 of the 73 Italian MPs signed the Written Declaration.
  • To cultivate with the heart that I once had

    It was then that I experienced I really cultivated genuinely. It feels like I've been going backwards instead of forward and it's painful. I do not feel like I've cultivated with the heart that I once had. What has gone, I cannot change. I can restart, and find a way back to my heart as it was in 2001.
  • Experiences from the information booth and memories about Life

    After I moved to Hamburg at the beginning of 2016, I first looked for a group of practitioners and then joined their truth-clarification activities.
  • Cultivating myself at the truth clarification site near the Eiffel Tower

    The tour guide got out and walked up to me. “Hello auntie, what a coincidence to meet you again. I accept the words you said and the name you chose for me several days ago, thank you! Please don’t be angry with me. I shouldn’t have pushed you; I was out of my mind that day.” I replied: “That’s all right; I’m happy for you, you will be blessed; all this group will be blessed because of you.”
  • The test that made me look inward

    Only after this conference did I begin to understand what it means to look inward. I began to understand that I had to cultivate each of my thoughts, each of the words I say, and each of the deeds I do. I had to make an effort to change all of this. I had to stop blaming others. I had to give up resentment, dissatisfaction, and anger. At last, I had to start cultivating!
  • My Cultivation Journey

    Before I became a Falun Dafa cultivator, I often had ailments and always looked tired. My parents took me to see a Chinese doctor and I was on herbal medication but that didn’t cure my problem. However, since I became a Falun Dafa cultivator in 2005 and started learning the five sets of exercises, my ailments slowly disappeared.
  • Fulfilling my mission under Master’s infinite grace

    It's been 5 years since I have obtained Dafa. I didn’t know at that time that I had found the supreme Fa of the universe and that I'd be given the enormous opportunity and honour to become a Fa rectification disciple, under the grace of our most compassionate Master.
  • I have found meaning in life

    I was born in March 1999 and I am now 18. I was trying to memorize “Lunyu” and so had gone for a walk at some point. I looked up at the sky as the sun was starting to go down and I saw a cloud in the form of a thumbs-up. I took it as a personal encouragement. That made me laugh.
  • It Is not work but cultivation

    One day, Master called me to one side and talked to me in a very serious way: They are all your same school fellow disciples. Some of them cultivate better than you. You must treat them very nicely. Otherwise you will regret it in furture. I felt extremely shameful after hearing Master’s words.
  • My Cultivation Experience-Sharing

    We live in ordinary human society and we need to conform to the human way of living, but – in my understanding – this doesn’t mean that we can go down and let our behavioural standards be affected. I’m sure that with the passing of time, changing this way of thinking would bring my main spirit to higher and higher understandings and consequently to the salvation of more people.
  • Cultivation Experience working for New Tang Dynasty Television

    I obtained the Fa towards the end of 2001 in Germany. At the beginning, I always looked inward even over trivial things. I did it so happily too as I felt I was the luckiest life in the entire world. As long as I had Dafa, I didn’t need anything else.