Investigation Lead: Organ Harvesting in Shijiazhuang First Detention Centre

Shijiazhuang First Detention Centre executed two groups of criminals in late March and late June 2009. The executed were required to sign “voluntary” organ donation agreements. One of them refused to sign. All were told to get agreements from their families so their organs could be donated, but they were executed before responses were received from any of the families. The inmate who refused to sign was executed on March 29th, 2009. Both groups were taken out of the detention centre at around 8:30 a.m., but weren't executed until noon. What happened before noon on those days is not known.

A doctor who was involved in organ harvesting provided the following explanation. Those who were about to be executed were taken to a hospital for a detailed examination, to determine which organs could be used. After they were injected with an anaesthetic, their corneas and kidneys were taken out first, and then their livers and hearts. A second, lethal injection killed them. It didn't matter if they had signed an organ donation agreement; their organs were harvested anyway. Detention centres only provide a small portion of organ sources. Most are provided by jails.

This makes it hard to answer a question. Detention centres have criminals who have been sentenced to death. Those in prisons usually have deferred death sentences. After a couple of years, the sentences are automatically changed to life imprisonment. In other words, the inmates in prisons are not immediately executed. So how could so many in prison be executed? Under what charges?

The doctor said that the doctors knew only the names, numbers, and addresses of those to be executed, but not why these people were to be executed. The doctor who provided this information said he despised the hospital's illegal and inhumane conduct, and he resigned.

The above account shows how inhuman the Chinese Communist Party's organ-harvesting atrocities are.

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