Ms. Wang Jingxiang's Family Believe Her to Be Paralysed from Torture, Detention Centre Denying Them Visitation

Ms. Wang Jingxiang’s family recently learned that she has become paralysed as a result of torture in the detention centre where she is being imprisoned for her belief in Falun Gong.

Ms. Wang was arrested by officers from Xinli Police Department when she was distributing Falun Gong informational materials in the Zhangguizhuang Market on May 24th, 2014. The family went to the police department multiple times to seek her release, but to no avail.

Upon learning about Ms. Wang's paralysis, her family members went to the detention centre for answers. The detention centre staff claimed she was fine. Because her family kept returning and asking about her, the staff finally showed them a video clip of Ms. Wang, taken from behind. She seemed to be very weak and had to lean towards the wall while walking.

The family asked how she became so weak and why they only showed her back. Due to the family’s persistent requests, they showed two more videos. One showed Ms. Wang sitting in a chair and the guard was giving her blood pressure medicine. The other video showed Ms. Wang walking outside with the help of a guard.

The family determined that these videos were taken right after she was detained and did not show Ms. Wang’s current condition. The family demanded to see her in person. The detention centre staff refused and claimed that they would not be allowed to see her until they hired a lawyer.

The family heard from the court that Ms. Wang had already been secretly tried on August 12th. They asked why the court did not notify the family. The court staff claimed that they did not have the family’s phone number. However, when Ms. Wang was detained, the family left their contact information with them and repeatedly called the officer responsible for the case. Officer Zhang Fan (张帆) refused to pick up their calls.

She suffered from symptoms of high blood pressure and heart attack. She was on the brink of death several times.

Responsible Parties:
Chang Wanxin (常万新), Dongli District Domestic Security Division: +86-13370367155
Xinlicun Police Station in Dongli District: +86-22-24999008, +86-22-24990759
Liu Baoqing (刘保清), police officer: +86-13752788978
Cha Zhangfan (张帆), police officer: +86-13820551257
Lu Yuyou (卢玉友), director of Dongli Detention Centre: +86-13820368436
Jiang Yahui (蒋亚辉), president of Dongli District Court: +86-18920297935

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