Miracles happen while helping with Shen Yun related tasks

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In 2008, Shen Yun performed for the first time in Sweden, and by 2020 tens of thousands Swedish people can have the blessings of Dafa bestowed upon them. Being a part of this great mission of saving sentient being led by Master, I felt very much honored. I participated in several tasks, for example, online advertisements, ticket sales statistics, audience surveys, backstage, and security guard etc.

Helping with Shen Yun related work not only offers multiple opportunities for cultivation, but also gives me the chance to witness miracles. On several occasions, I experienced transcending physical limitations, I could do multiple tasks like helping to set up the stage during the day, working backstage during the shows and writing articles for Epoch Times until late at night without feeling tired the next morning. I woke up feeling eager to meet the tasks of a new day. All the time my body felt light and comfortable, without any sign of tiredness.

Once, I injured my back just before Shen Yun ́s arrival in Sweden. The day before opening night, I drove some practitioners and equipment necessary for the event, 460 kilo meters from Gothenburg toStockholm. Getting in and out of the car was difficult, likewise sitting in a car for about five and a half hours. On arrival in Stockholm, we discovered that we had forgotten something essential.Without hesitation, I drove back to get it. By then, I had been driving for more than eleven hours.The next day, as the show time approached, I focused on the assigned tasks. By nightfall, whatever back pain I had, did not bother me. It had suddenly disappeared!

While working as a security guard, I had remarkable encounters with the audiences. An old lady of about eighty plus in her wheelchair came to watch Shen Yun. Her worried looking grandson came to the theatre to ensure that she arrived safely. After the show had started, I met her anxious daughter in the lobby who had come to wait for her mother. She said she was worried about her mother who had insisted on coming to the show although her conditions did not permit it, and there was no way to discourage her. Apparently, her mother was released from hospital stay recently after an operation on her leg and was still weak.

After the show, as I helped the old lady into the taxi home, she was far from being weak. She was delighted and expressed gratitude for making it to see Shen Yun. “Oh, it was worth it!” she exclaimed. Knowing how she had overcome all the tribulations and caused all the commotions to be saved, I knew this lady has strong bonds to Dafa and I could feel the power of the Master ́ scompassion.

While reviewing the audience surveys, I was amazed to find that Shen Yun audience was very receptive to the message of Dafa. One person in a survey wrote: “Appreciate spiritual content and prophetic warning to care for the world and the future, realize our limitations and need for guidance.”

In 2020 we had scheduled six shows in the beginning of January in Stockholm. It was a period after the Christmas and New Year celebrations when many Swedes would flee the cold winter weather to warmer countries for a short vacation. Many of our potential mainstream audiences in Stockholm also confirmed that they had booked for travel abroad. We had done extensive marketing research and applied every cost-effective method of promotion, approached interest groups and others. Every practitioner involved in Shen Yun promotion was dedicated to their task and were doing their best.We were confident that Master would help us to find all the people who are bound by fate to Dafa.

It turned out tickets for every show sold well. In the relatively quiet city of Stockholm, many people travelled to the city during those few cold winter days to watch Shen Yun and confirmed their bonds with Master and Dafa. Like the grand old lady in the wheelchair, I did not know what obstacles they might have faced to come to the show. Nevertheless, they would not miss the chance to be saved!

In March this year, I helped as a security guard at the Shen Yun performances in Denmark. I was recovering from a severe injury in my lower back causing pain that extends from the right hip to the legs and feet, for the past three months. The injury occurred when I helped others to lift some heavy loads.

My duty was to guard an high-frequented entrance to the theatre near the kitchen preparing food for the Shen Yun artists. I observed how hard the kitchen team worked. Since the Shen Yun artists had a limited time for food, timing was important. Every second counts. Any interference might affect the artists’ strict schedules. I had the opportunity to see the kitchen staff working. Without any complaint, the kitchen team could quickly resolve issues that raised. I could feel the urgency and righteousness in the atmosphere. By comparison, the situation made me see my own lacking i ncultivation.

Amazing things could occur when thoughts are righteous. Just two days ago, moving a chair would trigger a sharp pain in my right hip and leg. This tribulation has been bothering me for the past three months. By the end of the second day as a security guard, the pain was no longer bothering me, although I have been standing for several hours straight from morning until late in the evening, with just a little time for rest and food in between, my injury was gone. I could even help to carry heavyloads for the first time in three months.

Clarifying the truth to colleges and neighbors

Before I retired, I worked in a large company where many mainland Chinese came to work or visit.Clarifying the truth to them was difficult in the beginning because they had been brainwashed by theCCP ́s slander of Falun Gong in China.

We need to break through their notions about Falun Gong. Together with other practitioners in the company, we wanted to show them that Falun Gong practitioners are good people. In a natural way we showed that we are proud to be Falun Gong practitioners inSweden. We use good working ethics and social norms when interacting with them. We took the opportunities that occur naturally at work to offer support to them. If I saw any one of them sitting alone in the work canteen, I would join them. Eventually, they got to know us as Dafa practitioners better and the effects were positive.

Their curiosity for Falun Gong increased as they discovered we were good people. We found out that they even looked up information about the persecution themselves. Some of toStockholm and watched Shen Yun. The following are some spontaneous comments from ourChinese colleagues and visiting staff.

During a farewell dinner with a Chinese manager who had just finished his training in Sweden, he said, “Before I had a negative opinion about Falun Gong, but after getting to know you it has changed completely.”

A trainee engineer said, “Oh my god, I saw the immolation video on the internet!” He continued to tell us about seeing other atrocities committed by the CCP to theChinese people.

While having a break with several Chinese staff, one person said loudly, “I am very impressed thatSwedish people can understand and practice Falun Gong. You know? Falun Gong is a qigong that requires the practitioners to be good people too."

Even when they had returned to China, some of them kept in touch with me and had expressed appreciation for making acquaintances with us.

During the pandemic, a lot of people stayed at home. We had more chances to meet the neighbors. My wife and I offered help to them with different small things, which they appreciated. At a gathering with some neighbors in winter 2020, we decided to start a Falun Gong group with practicee very Thursday evening.

We taught the exercise, informed about the benefits of practicing Falun Gong and CCP ́s persecution of practitioners in China. After each practice session, we shared our experiences and answered their questions. Some of them had participated in the Falun Gong webinar.

When the film “A letter from Masanjia” showed during Culture Night in Gothenburg last year, four of them followed us to watch the film. On the way back home, we discussed the film and the evil nature of the CCP. They were shocked by the crimes of the CCP and touched by the courage and determination of Falun Gong practitioners.

Shen Yun Creation is a platform that revives culture and tradition

There was a period when I was very distracted by the bad things happening among ordinary people in society today, in all areas and levels. I felt worried because the good ordinary people cannot protect themselves against the massive destructive effects of all kinds of evil behaviors in the world today. They were engrossed in living their daily lives. There was nothing I could do. By studying theFa I could see it from the perspective of a Dafa cultivator. My attachment to Qing was the cause of my problem. I must let go it and focus on what Master want us to do, which is continuing to clarify the truth and save sentient beings, no matter what happens.

In 2021, I learned that the works of Shen Yun were going to be available for the broad public in an new streaming platform called Shen Yun Creations. Just like Shen Yun Performing Art, it is reviving and carrying forward China’s authentic five-thousand-year-old, divinely inspired culture to everyone. The pure goodness and beauty of works in Shen Yun creation can surely help people to return to their true nature. Watching the contents of Shen Yun Creations relieved me from the distractions of a chaotic world.It was free from the moral degradation found in modern society. It gives me a perception of harmony and consonance with the divine culture.

The broad public can now experience the great works of Shen Yun’s original and traditional music, divine performances, personal stories from the artists themselves and other works in various form sand categories. My understanding is that Shen Yun Creation streaming platform is a pure place free from the bad things in society today! It will have the effect of turning around the bad things happening in society, help ordinary people to distinguish between good and bad, and prepare humans for the future.

On November 18, 2021, Master said in the Jingwen, Wakeup: “The old universe is what it is; let it be. Your responsibility is to rescue and deliver lives to the new universe. What’s needed for the next historical era—the Fa’s rectification of the human world—is for people to be saved and delivered to the world that is being rectified by the Fa and for the culture and ways of tradition to be revived.”

I shall be more diligent in studying the Fa during the transitional period. With all the distractions in the chaos of the world today, Studying the Fain the only guarantee for med to become one with Dafa.

To finish my sharing, I wish cite from master’s message to the Czecho-Slovak Fa Conference: “Each Dafa disciple must persist in studying the Fa well no matter the circumstance. Only by doing so will you be able to ful fill your historic mission as a Dafa disciple and assist Master in saving lives. You are the hope of the lives of the race or ethnic group that you were born into.”

Thank you, benevolent Master!
Thank you, fellow Dafa practitioner!

(2022 Nordic Fa-Conference)

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