Sham Trial in Changchun City Exposes the True nature of the Police

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In March 2002, the police, using a master key, broke into my home while I was at work and stole one computer, one laser printer and some other equipment. Then they came looking for me at work. When I saw the police vehicles arrive, I had no choice but to flee my job. After that I was destitute and homeless for three days to avoid persecution. At that time the company was arranging a workshop for the entire province, and I was the main staff contact for the conference materials group. After the company leader left many messages for me, I had to return the call. However, three minutes after I called I was arrested by Cheng Xiaoping and other police officers from the Kuanpingdalu local police station. After they kidnapped me and dragged me to their vehicle, they asked me gleefully: "Do you know how we could arrest you? Your company's entire building has been monitored." At that time, I had 10,000 Yuan in cash, some personal possessions, and my cell phone, all of which the officers stole from me.

I am an ordinary citizen, and only practise Falun Gong in my spare time to strengthen my body, improve my health, and I read articles from Clearwisdom Net when someone sends them to my e-mail. Usually I do my duty well and conscientiously with all my heart, which has won praise from everyone who knows me in my company and outside. The Internet is an international resource. Does the fact that I have read several articles that teach people to be compassionate constitute committing a crime?

After the local police arrested me, they did not allow me to sleep for three days and three nights. They did not give me food or water, either. During that time, a kind-hearted young policeman used some of my money to buy me a package of instant noodles. Before I could finish eating, the manager saw what the policeman had done and scolded him for it. Afterwards they sent me to the public sub-bureau. I was not allowed to sleep for another two days and two nights. They locked me to an iron chair with handcuffs and foot shackles. Afterwards they sent me into the detention centre. I have been illegally imprisoned in that detention centre for nine months now. On December 3, 2002, I was sent to the court secretly, charged with so-called "obstruction of justice" and other fabricated charges. While in court, I was restrained with twenty-pound shackles (about nine kilos). This type of restraint is usually used for dangerous murderers. I felt the situation was both sad and ridiculous. I loudly shouted: "Placing Dafa practitioners on trial brings shame to the nation of China!" Two male police stood beside me and choked me, preventing me from speaking further. I could see fear and hopelessness in the eyes of the presiding judge. He did not dare to look at me. After he hurriedly read what he had to read in a shaking voice, he perfunctorily brought the trial to an end. The "trial" lasted about 10 minutes.

I realised myself that the Chinese "justice" system does not apply any law to Dafa practitioners. Many innocent Dafa practitioners have been arrested; so long as one says "I'll stop practising," they would set him free. Another person may say "I'll keep practising," and they would give him with a sentence of several years. Really, it is sad to see that the law in this great country is regarded as a childish game by these so-called "justice officials." I have never heard of a murderer saying, "I will not kill any more people" and being released because of that. Obviously, Jiang's regime acknowledges that Dafa practitioners are innocent. Otherwise, why do they vigorously persuade us to lie and say, "I'll stop practising," and then set us free? In fact, people know the truth clearly in their hearts. Those practitioners who say, "I'll stop practising," do so under coercion.

I have endured so many hardships during my nine months in the detention centre that it is difficult to list them all. From a human point of view, I experienced personally that under the influence of Jiang's hoodlum group, these "justice officials" betray their conscience and act with utter disregard for human life.

Written by a Dafa practitioner from Changchun on January 1, 2003 in Changchun Detention Centre

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