Nanchang City Retired Female Doctor Detained Again After Suffering Several Rounds of Torture

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Ms. Liu Zhaoqin is a retired doctor who used to work in No. 334 Hospital of Hongdu Corp, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. She used to suffer from several diseases, such as heart disease, nephritis, rhinitis and more. Her heart disease was so severe that she barely survived several heart attacks. Her poor health required her to go into early retirement when she was 49 years old. All her efforts to find cures and effective treatments had been futile until she found Falun Gong. Shortly after she began to practise Falun Gong, all these diseases and symptoms disappeared.

After Jiang's regime started persecuting Falun Gong in July 1999, Liu Zhaoqin went to Beijing twice in September 1999 to appeal. She was unjustly sentenced to one and a half years in a labour camp and detained in Jiangxi Province Forced Female Labour Camp. To resist the persecution, she started a hunger strike that lasted for over five months. The long term force-feeding caused her nasal cavity to fester and often bleed. Every day the force-feeding tube was purposely left in her stomach for ten or more hours. The tube was frequently inserted incorrectly into her trachea, causing a lack of oxygen which made her whole body turn dark and put her life in danger. Under such persecution, she spent every second of the day there.

During her hunger strike she was cuffed 24 hours a day. During the day, she was handcuffed to the ceiling with her toes barely touching the ground, and at night she was cuffed to the bed with her limbs stretched out. She was not allowed to wear any pants and only a piece of cloth covered her. She was not allowed to go to the toilet, but was forced instead to urinate on the steel net bed directly with a basin under the bed to catch the flow. Six times the police (including the deputy division chiefs Li and Xu, section chief Deng and Doctor Hu) took turns shocking her with electric batons. Several times she was beaten so badly she lost consciousness and she had green and purple bruises all over her body.

The thugs tried to force her to write suicide notes, saying, "It counts as suicide if we beat you to death." They also instigated the common criminals to beat her brutally. These criminals forced her to kneel on the ground with a towel in her mouth. They slapped her on her face and beat her with metal hangers, especially on the infected parts of her body. The guards often grabbed her hair to pull her to the ground, slam her against the wall, or drag her by her feet. Liu Zhaoqin was held for a long time in a wet, damp solitary compartment. Both of her knees were swollen so badly that she couldn't walk.

Twenty-one months later, due to strong requests from her family, Liu Zhaoqin was bailed out for medical treatment. Three months later, after she exposed how she had been persecuted, she was again arrested and her home was illegally searched by the police from Hongdu City Police Department. She was detained in the No.1 Section of the Public Security Division. She was interrogated for three days and two nights around the clock and was not allowed to sleep at all. Later, she was secretly moved to an isolated place at the airport in order to torture her with more vicious means to extract a confession. Fortunately a kind person said some fair words on behalf of her and prevented her from further inhuman torture. However, the evil officials in the No.1 section still illegally detained her with an unlimited term. She started a hunger strike again. Ten days later she began to vomit blood and was sent to a hospital.

The policemen didn't inform the family at all, but brought her back from the hospital on the same day and continued to detain her. Sixteen days later, when her blood pressure could not be measured, she was sent to the hospital again, and this time the family was informed. By now the family members couldn't even recognise her, a person who used to be healthy and happy. Under the strong demand of the family, she was allowed to stay in the hospital under police watch. She continued the hunger strike for another four months.

During that period of time, Yang Shaobo from Hongdu City Police Division, Wu Zhiming from Hongdu City "610 Office" and two emergency doctors forced her family members to carry her to attend a court session. Liu Zhaoqin firmly protected Dafa in the court and the court session ended hastily.

In spite of her poor health after having been on a four-month hunger strike and unable to walk, she was sent to the Qingyunpo Detention Centre in Nanchang City for further incarceration. The person in charge at the Qingyunpu Detention Centre said, "She could die at any moment. We cannot accept her." The argument lasted a long time, without arriving at any resolution. Under the renewed request of the family, the police finally agreed to send her back to the hospital. During the time when she was on the verge of death, she was sent to the court for another session. Soon she escaped the evil den with the help of fellow practitioners.

One month later, Liu Zhaoqin was arrested again at a place where practitioners were printing Falun Dafa flyers and was sent to the Qingyunpu Detention Centre, where she is being held until now. The police have blocked any news about her, and the family members are not allowed to see her as well. She was still extremely weak when she was arrested, and no one knows what her condition is now.

We call for help from all people with a righteous conscience and all international organisations.

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