The Courage of an 11 Year Old Girl Practitioner In Spite of Persecution

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I am an eleven year old student. I have excellent grades and I strive to be virtuous. On July 22, 1999, I went with my parents to Beijing to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to the government. However, we were arrested by plain-clothes policemen and taken to the liaison office in Beijing. We did not have any actual meals for two days. The adults were worse off than the children. For food, we were only given half a bun and a small salted vegetable. Later my parents were taken away by their work units, while I was left to go home on my own.

The persecution became more and more intense. Things I would like to say boiled up in my heart and I could not bear it; therefore I went once again with my mum in September 2000 to the Appeals Office in Beijing. The policemen who were sitting outside the Appeals Office forcefully pulled both of us into their car and sent us to the liaison office in Beijing. It was very cold that day. After my mother and I were put through a round of strict body searches, we sat on the icy cold floor. At night we also slept on "this piece of ice."

The people from mum's work unit came to take us back. On the second day, I was supposed to go to school, but they would not allow me to leave. On Monday night, with my mum once again, I spent another night on the floor that was even colder than before. Under most conditions I am able to fall asleep once I lie down, but this time I did not sleep at all during the whole night. If it were not that we cultivated Falun Gong, we would have been frozen.

On the second day, an officer from mum's work unit took us to the police station. They forbade us to talk, sit, move or look around. After about two hours I was taken away and separated from my mum. The officer sent me back to school and took me directly to the principal's office and let the principal speak to me. The teachers also came to pressure me. I was determined not to give up cultivation and they finally left dejectedly.

In July 2001, I went with a young practitioner the same age as myself (11 years old) to Tiananmen Square. We held high a banner with the words, "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" on it. We were knocked to the ground with one kick from the policemen and were dragged away by our hair.

In China, the people in power are cruel and violent, even to harmless and defenseless school children like us. It is really inhuman.

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