Elderly Lady Practitioner Sustains Severe Maltreatment by Police

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Before I practised Falun Gong, I had heart disease. My brain did not receive enough blood, I had pain in my lower back, and I had lost feeling in half of my body. I had polio when I was a child and my left leg could not move at all. I had great difficulty walking and I fell down at least five to six times a day. About ten years ago, I had a car accident and my left leg received a comminuted fracture (a fracture in which the bone is splintered or crushed). After the surgery, my knee could not bend and I had to use crutches for two whole years. In my heart, I really did not have the courage to live any more.

I was very glad to become a practitioner of Falun Gong in 1998 and I changed from having lost all hope to having become a very energetic, healthy, and happy person. After I become a practitioner, I never got sick. I didn't even get headaches, fevers, or the flu. I became a much healthier person. I used to not be able to bend my knee but now I can do the double lotus [crosslegged meditation position] for two hours and I now never fall down while walking. Teacher gave me a second life and I can't use human language to describe my gratitude. I can only use the standard of Dafa to ask myself to become a good and noble person.

Jiang Zemin abuses his power for his own agenda and brutally persecutes Falun Gong, a practice that teaches people to be good. When I saw that Dafa was being persecuted, my heart was broken. Having benefited greatly from leaning Dafa, how could I pretend to be blind and do nothing?

I went to Beijing in November 2000. I was arrested at Tiananmen Square, and was illegally detained for eighteen days. After that I was sent back to my local public security department and detained there for more than a month. I was charged 3,000 Yuan [the average monthly income in China is about 500 Yuan] in order to be released. I had only been with my family for a couple of days, when the political department accused me of "disturbing the public order" and detained me until May 3, 2001, at which time I was transferred to the detention centre. On the first day at the detention centre, the centre's supervisor beat me, kicked me, pushed me out of the cell, handcuffed me, and hung me up because I practised the exercises. They also handcuffed my hands interlocking them with another practitioner's hands for 30 days. As a result of this, I needed help eating and going to the toilet and I slept with endless pain. You can only imagine what kind of itching one might get going thirty days without a change of clothes.

One night, in August 2001, I was forcefully dragged to the brainwashing class. At 1:00 am in the morning, the police put me together with three criminals who only wore their underwear and locked the door. I resisted very strongly and eventually they opened the door but they sent me to stay with another two men the whole night.

In order to expose the evil behaviour of Jiang's regime and to tell the true story about Falun Gong to everyone, early in 2002, I went to another city to distribute truth-clarifying material, but unfortunately I was arrested, detained at the police department for 24 hours, and slapped on my face more than thirty times. Then I was secretly sent to a detention centre. There, the guards used two handcuffs and a big chain to tie me to a heating pipe, and I could not sit, bend, and could only talk to them sideways. They had more than ten people torturing me in turn and did not allow me to sleep. This kind of torture went on continuously for five days and nights. Because I'm an elderly female, I could not sustain their torture and finally fainted.

In July 2002, our local practitioners were facing a severe sentence in court and I applied for an audience pass and entered the court. Just because I silently erected my hand in front of my chest, I was arrested for "disturbing the order" and illegally detained for half a month.

One late night in September 2002, six or seven big men broke into my home and without saying any words they took me to the detention centre. In the detention centre, a person from the political department and a big man beat me and kicked me. They then stole my Dafa book. While in the detention centre, I was interrogated twice and brutally tortured twice. Because I refused to cooperate five of us practitioners were handcuffed together. They also punished the entire cell by making them stand until midnight. The cell leader, a female, took our quilts away and returned them to us five days later. A few days later, she took away our quilt again because we practised the exercises. She also used three heavy foot shackles (each shackle is over five kilograms) to chain the four of us together; two of us were over fifty years old. Without a quilt, we four shared a thin blanket during a preiod where the temperature was 2-3 Celsius (~33o degrees Fahrenheit). Our legs were swollen because of the extremely cold weather. We therefore used small towels to wrap around our ankles, but the cell leader also threw our towels away. Over and above these hardships, every day we had to face and listen to the policemen's insults and verbal abuse.

Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2003/4/2/47556.html

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