The Ferocious Brainwashing Classes in Fujian Province China

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By Practitioners in Mainland China

This March, some lawless officials in the city of Fujian Province started to establish brainwashing classes. One class held by a workplace used completely deceptive means and illegally forced Falun Gong practitioners into the brainwashing classes. For example, a female practitioner took off work to look after her seriously ill mother who was lying in bed. One day, the Deputy Chief of the Personnel Department of her workplace called her and deceived her into leaving her parents' house. She went to her home to pick up her belongings. Then, the Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of her workplace ordered the head of the Security Section to kick in the door of the practitioner's home. Four Security Guards were sent to break in. They broke the metal lock, kicked her door open, then forcefully took the practitioner away. The practitioner said, "I did not do anything bad, why are you arresting me?" One of the thugs said rudely, "It doesn't matter whether you want to go or not, you have to go." Without any legal procedure, Security Section officials are now encouraged to arrest anyone they want to arrest.

A brainwashing class for another workplace is located in an independent building at a labor camp (the building was originally set up to detain drug addicts). Tall walls surround the building, and the yard is very small with a tightly closed metal door. Once Falun Gong practitioners come in, they lose their personal freedom and are completely isolated from the outside world. Because the government-controlled media desperately spreads rumors to stir up dissatisfaction among the masses toward Falun Gong practitioners, many people who are unaware of the truth hold hatred in their hearts toward practitioners. In addition, in order to protect their posts as well as ask for recognition and rewards from their supervisors, officials employ all possible means to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. They override laws using their powers, and apply inhumane mental mistreatment and illegal detention to innocent Falun Gong practitioners. These brutal methods were fully employed and manifested in the brainwashing class.

In the brainwashing class, each practitioner is detained in a room. The workplace sends two full-time people to live with them and monitor them twenty-four hours a day. Practitioners are not allowed to read Falun Dafa books and relevant materials. They are also not allowed to practice the exercises and talk to each other. The "educators" of the class, no matter whether they have major or minor authority, can do whatever they choose to do with Falun Gong practitioners. They force practitioners to watch videotapes and TV programs slandering Falun Dafa. Each day, they endlessly instill negative thoughts into practitioners' heads, and then force them to read the so-called "four statements" (guarantees renouncing Falun Gong) and slanderous materials that denigrate Falun Dafa.

One female practitioner refused to write the "four statements;" thus, she was detained upstairs alone. The metal entrance door to the upstairs was firmly closed, and she was not allowed to go downstairs for a walk, and not allowed to eat in the dining room. At each regular meal, the "educator" put down less than half a bowl of rice and a little vegetable in front of her. Glaring at her, the person said, "We let you off too easily by giving you food."

The guards also refused to let her watch TV, talk to anyone, interact with anyone, or make a phone call. During her illegal detention, the leader of her workplace threatened her parents, saying that "your daughter is anti-[Party] and against the People; she will be sentenced to prison. We will take severe steps to punish her." As a result, her old parents felt alarmed every day, and were greatly distressed mentally. Her seventy-year-old mother struggled to get up from bed to call her, but the head of the brainwashing class did not inform her about the call. She was also searched illegally. Police officers broke into her dorm without showing a warrant and searched her. They also searched all her luggage, clothes, bed and illegally questioned her. When the weather became warmer, they would not allow her to go back home and get some summer clothes. When others wore short-sleeve clothes, she was still wearing the thick cotton sport suits that she wore when she was deceived into going to the brainwashing class. She was so hot that she sweated profusely. Each day she was monitored for twenty-four hours. They also did not allow her to be alone. Even going to the bathroom or taking a shower, she had to report and get permission, and then was followed by the "educators." They also would not allow her to turn off the light while sleeping. When the light was off sometimes, she was asked to open the door and let the outside light come in. It was said that this helped the authorities keep watch over practitioners at night and prevent them from practicing the exercises. Once, the practitioner did not eat a bite of food or drink a drop of water all day, so she felt tightness in her chest and was very uncomfortable. She got up slowly and wanted to catch her breath. The "educator" living in the same room saw this, and suddenly she jumped from the bed. Pointing at the practitioner's nose, she shouted out, "What are you doing? You are so bold, even trying to practice the exercise."

One "educator" said shamelessly that she spared no effort to monitor Falun Gong practitioners so that the workplace leader would promote her to be chief of a section. Practitioners calmly explained their belief in the principle that "good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil." Perhaps these words touched her tender spot; she jumped up, pointed at the practitioner, and swore at her for ten minutes.
For those who refuse to write the "four statements," during the daytime, the guards force them to read articles slandering Falun Dafa and Teacher. The heads with major responsibility or minor responsibility for the brainwashing classes sometimes ask practitioners to have a "talk." They threaten practitioners with imprisonment and labor "reeducation." They repeatedly tell practitioners that if they do not write the statements that guarantee they will give up practicing Falun Gong in the brainwashing class or write articles renouncing Falun Gong, they will be sentenced to labor camps directly without any legal procedure. They tell practitioners that once they are in labor camps, they will wear implements of punishment and be tortured until they write the letters saying they are repentant for practicing Falun Gong and guarantee they will give up practicing it. Sometimes, four or five people besiege a single practitioner, insulting his or her dignity. They falsely accuse those who refuse to write the "four statements" of being with a "special detachment of foreign anti-China forces" and so on.

One night, the guards asked a group of brainwashed Falun Gong practitioners who had given up due to extreme mental and physical torture from a nearby labor camp to come over. Five or six of these people surrounded one practitioner continued the brainwashing from evening until midnight. Sometimes they even attacked practitioners in turns until three o'clock in the morning. After that, the heads of the labor camp and brainwashing class intimidated Falun Gong practitioners into writing the "four statements." As long as practitioners refused to write the statements, they continued persecuting them and did not allow them to sleep. If practitioners did not write the "four statements" within a definite time and did not write articles slandering and renouncing Falun Gong according to the intentions and requirement of the XX Party, they were directly sent to labor camps and sentenced to one to three years. In labor camps, practitioners were overloaded with work and forced to work for over ten hours. In addition, they were illegally punished: for example, they were hung by handcuffs and then shocked by electric batons, or put on other instruments of torture, or locked in a metal case and made to stand inside.

Under this kind of extremely inhumane mental abuse and physical torture, some people wrote the "four statements" and agreed with articles criticizing Falun Gong. The guards then escalated the pressure to force these people to read these articles against Dafa at meetings. They stipulated that when one read these articles his voice had to be raised, his facial expressions and attitude had to meet criteria set by the perpetrators. That way pictures taken or videotapes produced on the scene would be ready for use by the media. If one refused to cooperate or his expressions didn't quite match the criteria, more pressure would be applied. Reports in TV broadcasts and newspapers are all fabricated using this approach.

A head of brainwashing classes went to visit a practitioner who had been released from the class. Receiving severe reproach from the practitioner, the head was exasperated and resorted to threats. The practitioner still expressed his determination in cultivating Dafa and publishing solemn declarations to invalidate all repentance statements written in the past. In the end, the head of brainwashing classes said, "You can practice however you wish at home, as long as you don't publish a declaration."

Officials in the brainwashing classes apply pressure to force practitioners to curse others. Anyone who doesn't comply is said to have insufficient understanding, and he will be held for continuing persecution. It could very well be that there isn’t a more evil group than this one that takes advantage of the powers that be to force ordinary people to curse others, to harass people across the country, to be aligned with the mind of the devious dictators, and to coerce the entire propaganda machine to turn black into white. Those who don't comply face ruthless suppression. The heads of this group, in order to vent their selfish anger, make use of huge financial and police resources at the expense of taxpayers. They suppress defenseless ordinary citizens and to apply cruel mental and physical tortures to cultivators who don't yell back when cursed and don't fight back when physically beaten. According to the comprehensive implicating policy carried out at the same time as the dictators' persecution, anyone who practices Falun Gong will implicate his family and relatives, cadres in his local street offices, police officers in the police substation, leaders and even the entire staff of his work unit. All those in authority thus implicated will in turn apply pressure on practitioners without any constraint using the power vested in the positions they hold. That's because being aligned with the dictators is the ultimate guarantee to holding on to the position, title, personal fame and interests.

There is no place where Falun Gong practitioners can file complaints against the inhumane persecutions they have received. In China, attorneys and judges have to be aligned with the dictators in order to keep their positions. Otherwise they not only get dismissed from their posts, they will face more misfortunes as well. If there is a Falun Gong practitioner in a work unit, the award of an honorary model company will be withheld, project funding allocated from higher authorities will be reduced for the same reason, and the compensation and benefit of the entire staff will be adversely affected. This way all the employees are instigated to be unhappy with, and even resentful toward Falun Gong practitioners. Higher authorities will also hold the leaders of work units responsible; this forces them to give persecution of Falun Gong top priority. This is most critical for their job security and personal interests. One Falun Gong practitioner demanded an answer from his work unit leader about why he was being sent to brainwashing classes for doing nothing wrong at all. The chief of the Security Section yelled viciously, "I don't care if you commit murder or arson but if you practice Falun Gong, this will affect the careers of the Division Chief and the Party Secretary. How can I still hold onto the title of Section Chief if the Party Secretary and the Division Chief ask me to put you in custody and I don't do as they say?"

The Finance Section Chief of a work unit refused to monitor Falun Gong practitioners in brainwashing classes. The leaders of her work unit used the excuse of reorganization not to assign her any work. After quite some delay, she was sent to a different section to be a temporary employee. The sad thing is some people in the work unit blamed Falun Gong practitioners, completely losing their judgment about good and bad. They placed the blame for the miserable situation in their work unit on Falun Gong. Clearly, Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China have to bear mental pressure from their families, work units, and all the various levels of the society. Only because of their belief in Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truth-Compassion-Forbearance), and because their thoughts are different from those of the leaders of the country, practitioners have received cruel persecution. Those in power don't allow victims to file a complaint or to tell the world the persecutions they have gone through. If victims do so, the authorities will frame them for engaging in politics, for opposing the Party, the people and the country. They can imprison practitioners for more barbaric persecutions. What the first emperor of China in the Chin Dynasty did-- burning classic books and burying scholars--is nothing compared to today's unprecedented frame-ups. The sinister ruthlessness of Jiang Zemin's regime far exceeds that of Adolf Hitler. People living in today's China are deprived of their basic rights. The media monopolized by the government serves as the dictators' voice. How sad it is that the Chinese public has nowhere to get the truth!

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