Germany: Exposing Jiang's Crimes to Tourists during the Munich Beer Festival

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After an unusually hot summer, the weather returned to normal in Munich. At the moment, it is the annual Beer Festival and tourists are streaming into the city from all over the world. This is a great time to clarify the facts to both Germans and tourists, so Dafa practitioners held an activity called “Bring Jiang to Trial” at the Marienplatz in Munich on September the 27th. A few practitioners from nearby cities like Regensburg, Augsburg, Ulm, and Stuttgart, also came to participate.

Large photo displays depicting the violent acts of the Jiang regime stunned tourists, as did the photos of practitioners who have been persecuted to death. People came to sign their names on the petitions of their own accord.

As the Fa-rectification proceeds further, people are more and more enthusiastic to learn the truth about Dafa. Instead of practitioners handing out materials, people were coming up to practitioners and asking for information whilst they watched the Falun Gong exercise demonstration. They expressed a tremendous interest in Falun Gong by constantly asking questions and they were angry at this cruel suppression of the innocent. People could not comprehend that there exists a place where Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance are prohibited and people are not allowed to be good. After reading the display boards thoroughly, a lot of people went to the Falun Gong table to add their signatures to petition forms calling for the release of Xiong Wei and German Falun Gong practitioners’ illegally imprisoned friends and family.

There was a stark contrast when viewing the beauty of practitioners’ peaceful exercise demonstration and the banners appealing for an end to the persecution of Falun Gong, and then seeing photos of practitioners who have been persecuted in Mainland China. These pictures also shocked many Chinese tourists. Some of them watched silently, some took materials from practitioners, and some asked questions. Of course, there still exist people who have been badly misled by the lies spread by the Jiang regime and who do not want to know or even viciously slander Falun Gong. When encountering such people, practitioners patiently explained the facts to them hoping that one day they will understand.

Every practitioner sent forth righteous thoughts seriously throughout the activity. Sometimes practitioners even sent forth righteous thoughts every half an hour. Coordination among practitioners was also relatively good, which made the activity run very smoothly.

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