Labour Camp Police Pull Out Dafa Practitioner's Teeth and Inject Him with Nerve-Damaging Drugs

Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Ma Yulin was tortured in Baoding Forced Labour Camp in Hebei Province. With all their might, the police still could not make him give up his cultivation in Dafa, so they transferred him to Handan City Forced Labour Camp, where he was illegally sentenced to three years of forced labour. Because he firmly insisted on cultivating Falun Dafa, Mr. Ma has suffered long-term torture, resulting in wounds over his entire body.

In order to resist the persecution, Ma Yulin went on a hunger strike. The cold-hearted police tried to force feed him but he refused to cooperate with them. The police then used pliers to pull out all his teeth on both sides of his mouth. The police and prison doctors also tied him up, and injected him with nerve-damaging drugs, which have caused various physical problems. Mr. Ma is currently extremely weak.

Persons responsible for the torture of Ma Yulin and other Falun Dafa practitioners in Handan City Forced Labour Camp are listed below:

Director of the "Special Control Team," Wang Zhiming
Policemen Xing Yansheng, Gao Fei and Gao Jinli
Handan City Forced Labour Camp, general telephone numbers: 86-310-4010037, 86-310-4010707 or 86-310-4010158.

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