Liaoning Province High School Student Expelled for Exposing the Persecution of Falun Gong

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On February 18, 2004, Shan Wu, director of the political and education department, used lies to slander Falun Dafa practitioners in his speech at a school-wide safety conference at the No.1 Senior High School in Changtu county, Liaoning province. Wang Zhe, a junior in the school, went to the supervisor's office to clarify the truth of Falun Gong that evening. The history teacher, Liu Fucai, was also present. Wang Zhe talked about the health benefits he had received from practising Dafa, and in particular, the improvements in his character. He told them about the state-run media's framing of Falun Dafa and Dafa practitioners, and exposed the truth of the Tiananmen self-immolation case. He told them that Dafa practitioners cultivate according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance and are prohibited from killing. Wang Zhe told them that what Shan Wu, the director of political and education department, said regarding Dafa practitioners was not true at all. Wang Zhe hoped that the teachers could come to understand Falun Gong objectively and comprehensively so as not to be deceived by lies.

The supervisor Ms. Zhang Guiyan made positive remarks about Wang Zhe's performance, saying that Wang Zhe was studious and had great character. Wang Fucai, the history teacher, said that Wang Zhe was both rational and factual in his discussion. He discussed with the supervisor about reporting these facts to the school. The next day, Wang Zhe's father was asked to come to the school. The school authorities told him that Wang Zhe promoted Falun Gong to the teachers, so the school decided to expel him.

After this event was exposed, many school leaders, family members, teachers and students were shocked by and concerned about the persecution suffered by Falun Gong practitioners. They called for Wang Zhe's return to school. Wang Zhe and his mother went to the school to request his return on April 5. The deputy headmaster, Wang Zheyan, said that he could not make the decision.

Wang Zhe and his mother went to the school again on April 6. Sun Yuhui, the headmaster, said he would report this to the police department. After the school's report, Zhao Ruyan, the deputy party secretary of the county, Liu Jianxin, Sun Guohui, and Ma Hongwei from the national security section, led by Sun Yuhui and Wang Zhiyan, the headmasters of the school, arrested Wang Zhe and detained him in a county detention centre.

A list of numbers follows for those who wish to express their concern about the way this incident was handled by the school and the authorities.

Postal code of No.1 High School: 112500

Headmaster Sun Yuhui: 86-410-5810481(O) 86-410-5819495

Operator of No.1 High School: 86-410-5816414

Headmaster Sun Yuhui: office extension 8001

Party secretary Wang Haiyan: office extension 8002, 86-410-5827293(H)

Liu Wei, Chairman of the Union: office extension 8003, 86-410-5829032(H)

Zhu Huacheng, vice party secretary: office extension 8004

Headmaster Wang Zhiyan: office extension 8006, 86-410-5825224

Headmaster Liang Baijun: office extension 8007, 86-410-5828330

Bei Yunfen, director of party's office: extension 8009

Feng Shuangwen, director of school office: extension 8010

Zhang Linan (female), secretary of league member committee: extension 8010

Sun Shiyong, director of security office: extension 8014

Shan Wu, director of political and education department: 86-410-5818919(H)

Wang Mingyuan, director of political and education department: 86-410-5812567(H)

History teacher Liu Fucai: 86-410-5829995(H)

Supervisor teacher Zhang Guiyan: 86-410-5827642(H)

Ma Hongwei, head of national security section, Changtu county, Tieling city, Liaoning province: 86-410-5822043(H)

Liu Jianxin, head of national security section, Changtu county, Tieling city, Liaoning province: 86-410-5825979(H) 86-13700106822(C)

Zhao Ruyan, vice party secretary of county committee, Changtu county, Tieling city, Liaoning province: 86-410-5822705(H) 86-410-5813164(O)

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