Shayang Labour Camp: Hell on Earth

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Shayang Labour Camp: A Living Hell

Brutal Torture and Atrocities Committed Against Dafa Practitioners at the Shayang Forced Labor Camp, Hubei Province (Part 3)

The experiences of practitioners Li Binghua and Pan Guorong are just a small part of the persecution that Falun Dafa practitioners have suffered from the vicious High-Discipline Group (This is a team specifically set up to enforce Jiang Zemin's persecution against Falun Dafa to the extreme.) Every practitioner has undergone tortures by this group. The practitioners that were illegally arrested and detained in the early days are suffering even more after the High-Discipline Group was set up. Many of them became disabled from the torture. Everyday, we heard the cries and screams of the practitioners when the guards beat them. Every night we heard the moans of the practitioners in their sleep. Some members of the High-Discipline Group have no human nature at all. They enjoyed every minute of looking at the practitioners' suffering, saying that it is a "funny show." Even the most hardened criminals said that they have never seen such horrible suffering. They said, "This is not a place for human beings. This is a living hell."

Practitioner Liu Wannian is in his fifties. He could not stand the highly intense and long "military training" in the heat, and suffered from heatstroke several times. The torture was beyond his physical endurance, and thus he began to waver a little bit. The guards tried to take advantage of this and intensified the torture. They even threatened to torture him to death. He was one of the practitioners that suffered the most.

Practitioner Xue Shuanghong is 24 years old. He was a worker in the No. 2 Automobile Factory. He was sent to the High-Discipline Group and brutally tortured by assistant group leader Wang. He viciously shouted at Xue, "Don't you know what this place is? Act wisely! You want to reason with us? No way. We gave a good punishment to the 100,000 Kuomintang war criminals. You are nothing compared to them."

Practitioner Li Shiwen is in his forties and self-employed. Group leader Guo and other members from the High-Discipline Group beat him severely. After torturing him with electric shocks, they forced him to amuse them by singing songs like "the soup in the High-Discipline Group is delicious." Actually, the soup is made of hot water and the leftovers from the day before.

Practitioners Wu Zhian and Wu Zhichun are brothers. They are about 35 years old. Group leader Guo and group member Xiong often beat them at the same time. They would beat one of them extremely hard to make him scream in front of his brother. Torturing the practitioners gratifies their evil and distorted hearts. The two brothers were forced into the torture room and beaten terribly numerous times. The younger brother, Wu Zhian, was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment several times and became permanently disabled.

The female practitioners are detained in group 9, and their situation is even worse. Group 9 has the same administrative structure as the High-Discipline Group, and all the guards are female members of the High-Discipline Group. Their responsibilities include "military training" and beating the practitioners. Group Leader Zhang personally took charge of group 9 in order to intensify the persecution. We often heard the blood-curdling screams and cries of our fellow female practitioners when they were being tortured. The second floor of the hospital was assigned to the female practitioners who were hurt or had become disabled from the torture. Several of them were unconscious. The guards often encouraged the criminals to beat them. Each time they would beat the practitioners until they could not say a word. Even the hardened male criminals on the first floor, serving as torturers of practitioners, would hold their breath when the female guards and criminals beat the practitioners. The worst thing was that the guards would directly send the practitioners who had finished their terms in the detention centre to forced labour camp without any legal procedures. They called it "sending them over the river." Now, many practitioners that have finished their terms in the detention centres have been "sent over the river."

The persecution in the Shayang Forced Labour Camp has been dreadful. However, Secretary Zhou of the Party Political Committee of the labour camp, the Office Leader Wu and the Group Leader Zhang said at a meeting, "...We haven't done enough. We have not made brilliant achievements. Compared with other labour camps around the nation, we still need to catch up. We need to intensify the persecution. Namely, beating the practitioners until they become disabled is not enough. Beating the practitioners to death would be a brilliant achievement and would help us to catch up with other labour camps." The High-Discipline Group has not beaten any practitioners to death, so currently; there is no "brilliant achievement." But what is the difference between beating the practitioners to death and placing them in a situation where death would be a relief? How close is the current status from their objective of "making a brilliant achievement?" During the "military training," Guo and Xiong said, "We will make you want to die rather than live. We will send you to the hospital if you become disabled. We will bury you if you die."

The High-Discipline Group is still inhumanly torturing the practitioners. Practitioners around the country are in an extremely bad situation. We call upon all kind-hearted people around the world to pay close attention to the human rights of the practitioners and the dire situation of the practitioners in the Shayang Forced Labour Camp.

The address of the Shayang Forced Labour Camp is:
Shayang Forced Labour Camp, Qilihu Township, Zhongxiang City, Hubei Province
Postal Code: 431929

Posting Date: 12/28/2001
Source: Clearwisdom

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