Sweden: The Voice of Medborgarplatsen in the Capital of Sweden: The CCP is Doomed to Collapse

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On the morning of June 11th, more than five hundred people, consisting of both Chinese and Caucasians from all over Europe gathered at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm so as to participate in a large-scale rally organised by the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, the Epoch Times, the Global Coalition Of Say Good Bye To The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) to support the significant trend of quitting the CCP.

Over fifty human right organisations and other non-governmental organisations expressed their support for the activity. Citizen Square was almost covered by a variety of banners in various colours and posters, including headings reading, “Protect Human Rights”, “Support the Two Million People Resigning from the Chinese Communist Party”, “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,” etc.

Speeches were given by several distinguished guests: Swedish member of Parliament Mr. Göran Linblad, Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition Mr. Wei Jingsheng, Editor-in-Chief of the Epoch Times Ms. Guo Jun, renowned human rights lawyer Peter Bergquist, Vice Chairman of The International Chinese Pen Centre (ICPC )Mr. Chen Maiping, Professor Nie Sen, founder of the Global Coalition of Say-Good Bye-for-Good to the CCP, Director of IHRS Mr. Man Yan, and Professor Chen Shizhong, former Chinese political dissident.

Mr. Göran Linblad Mr. Wei Jingsheng Ms Guo Jun
Attorney Peter Bergguist Mr. Chen Shizhong Mr. Chen Maiping

Mr. Göran Lindblad, Swedish member of parliament as well as member of the Swedish delegation to the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe, commented: “We should help the Chinese people to get rid of the CCP’s autocratic rule and fight for basic human rights. The theory of communism determined the CCP’s dictatorship. Instead of doing something good, the CCP always carried out evil things. It can only maintain its political power by means of terrorism. Under the CCP’s rule, the Chinese people have no basic human rights, freedom of speech or belief.”

Mr. Göran Lindblad called on the Western world as well as the Swedish people to persistently support campaigns launched by the Chinese people to fight for human rights and freedom. He hoped that the Chinese people may someday enjoy both the freedom of speech and the rights to express their opinions in all aspects of media. The CCP is doomed to collapse in the near future. The collapse of the former Soviet Union and Bulgaria are China’s precedents. He believed that the wave of withdrawals from the CCP in China was symbolic of the Chinese people’s awakening and in the meantime, was the beginning of the CCP’s collapse.

Lawyer Peter Bergguist

In his remarks, Swedish human rights lawyer Peter Bergquist condemned the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and encouraged those who are being persecuted to seek legal assistance in free countries in order to investigate and punish the Chinese Communist regime for its human rights abuses. He said that the Chinese government always takes "maintaining stability" as a pretext to suppress dissidents and other political parties in China. This signifies the Chinese Communist regime’s instability.

Falun Gong’s belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" is a stark contrast to the Chinese CCP's immoral acts. Falun Gong practitioners cultivate themselves according to the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" and what they wanted was simply an environment for practising the exercises and following these principles. But the CCP still felt threatened and has cruelly persecuted Falun Gong practitioners through imprisonment, cruel torture, rape etc. On one hand, it buys off its people by improving their living standard and on the other, it deals with dissidents by means of suppression and persecution. On the economic front, the Chinese Communist regime employs economic benefits to attract foreign investments and in the meantime, it strictly controls Western media’s reports on China’s human rights status, by arbitrarily denying their visa applications or confiscating their press cards. Now that more than two million Chinese have publicly declared their withdrawals from the CCP, it is the strength of justice that cannot be underestimated.

The CCP’s persecution is not only violating its own constitution, but is also directly violating the U.N. Human Rights Convention and the U.N. Anti-torture Treaty. China's legal system is completely controlled by the CCP, disallowing the victims to bring the perpetrators to justice in China. However, the international society has the right to punish human right abusers. International conventions, in order to protect human rights, empowered victims to sue the perpetrators in other countries. For example, the former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet was prosecuted in Spain, which resulted in the legal proceedings against him in Chile. The on-going investigation and prosecution against Chinese officials on human rights abuse has made Chinese officials feel extremely frightened. Whenever they take a trip overseas, they must check whether there is a lawsuit against them in that country prior to departure. We would like to tell the perpetrators within the CCP: Stop persecuting Falun Gong.

This rally attracted a massive amount of people. Many took the initiative to ask for a Swedish newspaper and flyers containing the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Several newspapers interviewed the speakers and some representatives of the various organisations.

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