Germany: Introducing the Falun Gong Exercises During a Cultural Event in Wiesbaden

On July 8th 2005, Falun Gong practitioners from nearby areas were invited to take part in the annual Wiesbaden town district cultural event. One of the categories for the event was entitled “Martial Arts, Healing and Meditation”, which Falun Gong practitioners participated in, introducing the fives sets of slow-moving and peaceful Falun Gong exercises to the anticipating crowd.

Practitioners introduce the Falun Gong exercises

The audience participate in learning the first Falun Gong exercise

Shortly after some Germans had demonstrated some Chinese martial arts, such as Shaolin Kung-fu and Tai Chi, five Falun Gong practitioners dressed in golden practice outfits took to the stage to perform the five sets of Falun Gong exercises. The participants were both German and Chinese, old and young. Whilst the exercises were being performed another practitioner, who was explaining the individual exercises, took the initiative to invite the spectators to participate during the first exercise. This proved to be a great idea with a truly wonderful effect. One of the participating spectators told the practitioners afterwards that his hands became very warm while doing the exercise. At the end of the performance most of the spectators took a copy of the leaflet “Focus on Falun Gong” so that they would find out more.

A most important and worthy mention must be given to the organiser, who holds responsibility for cultural initiatives and was deeply impressed by the practitioners’ performance. Upon seeing our exercise demonstration, he immediately invited us to participate in the next cultural activity day.

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