Germany: A Letter from Falun Gong Practitioners to Citizens of Shenyang City and Benxi City

Honourable citizens of Shenyang City and Benxi City,

We are a group of German Falun Gong practitioners, writing another letter to you in the hope of telling you the righteous deeds of several Chinese officials who have defected from CCP and their contributions to safeguard justice.

Recently, three Chinese officials sought political asylum in Australia and announced their intention to defect from the CCP. They are Chen Yonglin, a diplomat at China’s Sydney consulate, former Tianjin 610 agent Hao Fengjun, and another anonymous official who refused to have his name revealed through concern for his family in China. They were unwilling to tolerate the CCP’s dark and inhumane dictatorship, or to work for the evil against their conscience. They thus decided to forsake darkness and stand by the side of justice. They exposed to the world the Chinese Communist Party’s evil nature, uncovering the detailed facts of the persecution against Falun Gong by the “6-10 Office”, and alleging that 1,000 Chinese spies are operating in Australia and Canada particularly to spy on Falun Gong. The disclosures caused waves of surprise and shock throughout the international community.

We would like to particularly introduce to you Mr. Han Guangsheng, former chief of Shenyang City Judicial Bureau. Unable to tolerate the persecution of Falun Gong, he escaped to Canada in 2001. Before leaving China, he did what he could to protect Falun Gong practitioners who were detained in labour camps under his supervision, forbidding his subordinates to torture them. Electric batons were never allowed. Those who did harm to Falun Gong practitioners against his instructions would receive severe punishment. He regularly made up excuses to release the practitioners detained in the Longshan Forced Labour Camp under his supervision. However, he felt defeated by the overwhelming persecution. Acutely aware of corruption and bribery among the ruling authorities, as well as growing agony and dissatisfaction among the people, he was mentally tormented. Finally, he determined to give up his life in China, escape to a foreign country and stand up for justice by exposing the Chinese Communist Party’s evil deeds.

The righteous deeds of the defectors have earned them worldwide praise. They are brave, safeguarding justice and human rights. They create good precedents for those who would like to do the same. Honourable citizens in Shenyang City, don’t you feel proud of Mr. Han Guangsheng, who is also from Shenyang?

In this letter, we would like to tell you the situation of married Falun Gong practitioners Jiang Renzheng and Guo Rui. They returned to China from Germany and called on their parents in Shenyang city and Benxi city on March 8th of this year. Because they are Falun Gong practitioners, the State Security Bureau and Public Security Bureau in both Shenyang city and Benxi city plotted to arrest Jiang Renzheng and sentenced him to three-years forced labour education. His wife was forced to become homeless and their two young kids were left in the care of their grandparents.

The staff from the State Security Bureau and the Public Security Bureau often harassed Jiang’s parents and Guo’s parents to force them to co-operate. The old parents were placed under tremendous mental and emotional pressure. The German Government condemned the Chinese authorities for human rights abuses, calling on China to promptly release Jiang Renzheng. The German Government will continue to work for securing the release of Jiang Renzheng.

Honourable friends, do you know that almost three million brave people have declared their withdrawal from the CCP in the eight months since the publication of “The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” by the Epoch Times? People see hope for the future. Without the Communist Party, we will see the birth of a new China. This will be a great moment in human history.


A group of German Falun Gong practitioners

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