France: Speech Delivered In Paris On Behalf of Germany's International Society for Human Rights

Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Recently the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) celebrated its 84th birthday. It is a shame to humanity that in the 21st Century a party is celebrating 84 years of killing, cheating, deception, brainwashing and physical and mental torture. Since the CCP took power in China 80 million abnormal deaths have occurred as a direct result of its tyranny.

Since 1949, the CCP has run political campaign after campaign in its effort to eliminate any opposition or potential opposition. Tens of thousands of landlords, industrialists and intellectuals together with their relatives and friends were sent to death, jailed, subjected to brainwashing and tortured during the 50s and 60s, creating fear among the population of China. This is nothing but brutal state terrorism.

China is a country with great tradition, culture and wisdom. The lifelong goal of striving for harmony with the cosmos and placing emphasis in morality and ethics has been spread in the practises of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism thereby creating a culture that humanity can be proud of. This culture of harmony and compassion enabled the safeguarding of human rights, yet upon gaining power the CCP saw such things as an obstacle. For this reason the communist dictator Mao launched a cultural revolution with the aim of thoroughly breaking down the Chinese traditional value of human rights and thereby the CCP can simply treat people pawns in their deadly game for power.

Human dignity and human rights were violated to the extreme during the cultural revolution bringing the country to its knees. The survival strategy for the CCP was then to launch an economic reform by allowing the Chinese to make money and to gain wealth. Freedom to earn money combined with an absolute disregard for human rights and human dignity inevitably led to tremendous unfairness, huge class differentiation and numerous tragedies in Chinese society.

The CCP has brought fortune to the party cadres and their relatives but left hundreds of millions of farmers, workers etc. in extreme poverty. Privileges of the party bosses are guaranteed by a so called legal system where the CCP watches over and dictates the law and court proceedings. Economic growth has not lessened the persecution of the CCP against the people of China. Since the economic reform began in 1978, the CCP has launched new acts of persecution against the democracy movement and the practise of Falun Gong while continuing to persecute the Tibetans, Christians and many others.

The persecution of Falun Gong by the CCP is a huge shame for humanity. Hundreds of thousands of innocent, compassionate Falun Gong practitioners are being subjected to the most brutal, cruel and evil persecution. The only difference today regarding the CCP’s persecutory tactics is that they are even more cunning in their efforts to hide their atrocities, ordering their media not to report on the persecution, whilst applying both political and economic pressure on media in democratic countries to keep silent about the persecution. In such a way they believe that they can deceive the world.

Fortunately, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and other righteous voices have awoken many Chinese. The huge number of Chinese who have and are continuing to quit the CCP is very encouraging. They are the heroes of today’s China considering that these people may lose their life under the communist dictatorship. They deserve our support in liberating themselves from the tyranny of the CCP. Let us provide them with our whole hearted support and welcome the era of a new China, a China without the CCP, a China where the Chinese citizens can once again enjoy human dignity and human rights no matter what belief they practise and no matter what words they speak.

Thank you

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