Radio Free Asia: German Society Pays Close Attention to the Development of Jiang Renzheng's Case

In order to cover up the case of Jiang Renzheng, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intensified the persecution against Jiang and his family. Jiang’s friends in Germany and human rights organisations are urgently calling for help and warning the CCP that if anything happens to him, it will be very bad for them. Below is a radio report by RFA’s German correspondent Tian Yi.

Due to the concerns of the International Organisation for Human Rights and the German Government, during the human rights forum between China and Germany the Chinese Government was obliged to admit the arrest of Mr. Jiang Renzheng, a Chinese Falun Gong practitioner who was deported back to China from Germany at the beginning of May. According to a lady from Wuerzburg who has been actively involved in the efforts to rescue Jiang Renzheng, the Chinese Government was once again obliged to admit to the German Government that Jiang Renzheng was arrested for political reasons. However, in the meantime they put more pressure on Jiang and his family in the vain hope to force them to substantiate their deceit. The lady told the reporter that Jiang Renzheng’s family is now in a very difficult situation, especially his wife Guo Xing and his parents. His wife is scared of going home because she is worried that she could be abducted at any time.

The lady said, “The way the Chinese Government goes about reaching their goal through persecution has put Jiang Renzheng’s parents, wife and even his two young children in constant danger of being arrested. Since last week, Mr. Renzheng’s friends in Germany and human rights organisations have put more effort into calling on Germany and the international society to pay attention to the fate of the family, which is now in jeopardy. The Chinese Government should understand that both the German Government and the Chinese Government are concerned with Jiang Renzheng’s case and the consequent impact that will be produced if anything happens.”

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