My Daughter's Path of Cultivating in Falun Gong During this Special Period of Time

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By sharing some stories about my daughter's cultivation path, I hope to encourage all practitioners who are parents to treat their children's cultivation seriously. Thousands and thousands of young practitioners have come to Earth with their vow to assist Teacher in this special period of time, the Fa-rectification period. Let the hundreds of millions of Falun Dafa practitioner's righteous thoughts and righteous actions combine into magnificence to welcome the arrival of the Fa-rectification on Earth.

My daughter is now twelve years old. She had begun practising Dafa with me since February in 1999 when she was only six years old. Although the brutal persecution began only months after she began cultivation, she was able to display how she was pure and supernormal.

At that time, members of my family burned any Falun Dafa materials and books they found. However, in plain sight of her father and grandfather my daughter salvaged a picture of the founder of Falun Gong Teacher Li that was torn in half. We glued it back together carefully, laminated it, and placed it in a compartment in my daughter's bag. She carried Master's picture in her bag for almost four years. Although her third eye remained shut, she firmly believed in Master. In the worst days of the persecution when the evil was rampant, she did not look or even listen to the lies and the propaganda. In fact, she even encouraged me to remain firm in my cultivation.

In 2001, my daughter suggested that both of us should write Solemn Declarations. After succumbing to pressure from the authorities and for many other reasons, my daughter and I resumed studying the Falun Gong teachings and cultivating in 2003. From the moment we began cultivation again, she was filled with extraordinary wisdom and a very daring heart. We made banners and flyers and posted them near labour camps and the city hall. For safety considerations, we would do these activities around 1 a.m. She would always ask me to wake her and take her along even if she was sleeping. I am a rather timid person and do not dare to do a lot of things as I am often attached to fear. At those times, she would have me wait by the side while she would post and distribute materials. Gradually, she helped me strengthen my righteous thoughts and I became much more daring to do many things.

At the end of 2003, I spoke about Falun Gong to a colleague, trying to inform him of the true situation but his thoughts had been deeply influenced by the Chinese Communist Parties propaganda and so he reported me to our supervisor. My work unit forced me to write statements renouncing my practise of Falun Dafa and my husband scolded me and gave me a beating. When I returned home, I cried my heart out. But then my daughter's words again awakened me--"Mom, evil gods have done this. It is not Master's arrangement. You have to continue cultivating."

I have now gradually begun to walk a cultivation path of my own, and my daughter is also walking her own cultivation path.

At first, my daughter only spoke to strangers about Falun Gong so as to let them learn the truth, but now she also talks about Falun Gong to her classmates. She even makes use of the QQ on-line chat program in Internet cafés to talk about Falun Gong to people on the net. She sends ancient prophecies to people on the Internet, and slowly starts to talk more and more about Falun Gong and how the persecution is absolutely wrong, as well as answering questions that are posed to her. One day, she came back and told me, "Mom, today I talked to a Communist Party member, and she told me that she is no longer against Falun Dafa." My daughter's grandmother lives in the designated area for family members of officials in the City Council, and she frequently goes there to distribute flyers. Once, my daughter placed a factual flyer about Falun Gong on a police car parked near the Political and Judicial Committee Building, near her grandmother's place. Unexpectedly, someone was in the car. My daughter simply looked at him and continued placing the flyer until she was done then left.

Of course, my daughter likes to play, watch TV, and is also vain. I told her that she has to remove these attachments and do the three things that Master has told us. Sometimes, she would be unhappy but after cooling down, she would admit her mistake. I once scolded her very harshly, and she cried asking Master to help her remove her attachments.

Many children cultivate with their third eye open, but my daughter's eye has always been closed. For almost six years she has not seen anything, while for me, sometimes I can see Falun (the symbol of Falun Gong, translates as 'Law Wheel'. Sometimes, my daughter feels very sad about it, but she is very clear on the principles taught in Falun Gong and tells me, "Mother, I'm the sort who cultivates that "can depend on his enlightening to reach Consummation", it's even harder than you." (quote from Essentials for Further Advancement, Volume 1)

My daughter is both my fellow practitioner and a member of my family. The two of us form a small group where we study the Falun Gong teachings. We practise the exercises and study the Falun Gong books together, and so we form a good partnership in assisting Master's Fa-rectification. As I took her on my bike zig-zagging through streets and alleys, she would place Falun Gong related flyers and CD's in people's baskets and windows and also post banners in support of Falun Gong on lamp posts or trees. Sometimes, she would also distribute materials during the day.

My daughter is also a very beneficial friend to me in my cultivation. She often gives me ideas and points out my flaws. At times when I'm falling behind, she encourages me to do better. None of my family, friends or relatives support me except my daughter. She has given me the confidence to walk this path. I thank Master for having arranged such a young practitioner to accompany me. Without a doubt, my daughter is a manifestation to me of the great Law of Falun Dafa.

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