Factory Manager Asks His Staff to Protect Practitioners

Village officials turn away the police

An official of a certain village in Zhoukou City, Henan Province had met with Falun Dafa practitioners a number of times, whom took the chance to tell him the truth about the practice. He had also read some material detailing the facts about Falun Dafa. Once a policeman came to the village to harass the practitioners and asked the village official to call the practitioners in for fingerprinting. The official replied: "Those practitioners are all good people. Why do you want to fingerprint them?" Thus the police left empty-handed.

A teacher discussed the facts of Falun Gong with the students

My niece paid us a visit one day. I took the opportunity to tell her about Falun Gong. During our conversation, she recounted what had happened in her class at school.

One of her teachers had just come back from a trip abroad. During the class, the teacher digressed from the lecture subject and began to converse with the students and talked about politics and religious beliefs. She said that while she was abroad, someone handed her a few flyers and pamphlets. They turned out to be materials about Falun Gong.

She raised some issues with the students: Why does China ban Falun Gong but other countries do not? Why do so many people still practice it if it is harmful like the Chinese government says it is? The students and the teacher discussed the issues together from all angles and came to the consensus that one needs to be rational rather than simply accept things blindly. One needs to find out the facts and base one's opinion on fact.

A factory manager asks his staff to look after practitioners

The local perpetrators harassed a practitioner who works in a factory in Sichuan Province and forced her to leave the factory in June simply because she clarified the facts about Falun Gong. The factory manager asked her colleagues to tell her to come back to work after an adequate period of rest, and that she could live in the factory so she need not go home and be harassed. At the same time, the manager called a meeting and told the factory employees: "We have to keep this a secret. We need to look after our colleague."

The practitioner had told her co-workers the facts about Falun Gong many times. Some of them were particularly interested in the booklets about prophecies. They wanted to keep these booklets, saying, "I want to have it. I will show it to my family members after I finish reading it."

The factory is quite small, and the management is also relaxed. But everyone does his or her job well, and orders keep coming in. As a matter of fact, once a person knows the truth about Falun Dafa and does good things for the practice, he will have blessings awaiting him.

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