Austrian and German Practitioners From Many Cities Join Together for Falun Dafa Information Day in Augsburg

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Augsburg is the third largest city in Bavarian Province of Germany after Munich and Nuremberg. We intended to have Falun Dafa Information Day there a long time ago. After a German practitioner applied for it, we finally settled on January 26, 2002. Practitioners in Augsburg had posted the notice at the university and other public places before this day to inform people.

Even though it was a very windy day, more than 30 practitioners from Stuttgart, Munich and other cities came to the Moritz Square in central Augsburg. Everyone was touched when practitioners from faraway Austria and Berlin arrived.

Practitioners demonstrated the five sets of exercises and handed out Falun Dafa materials. Because this was the business centre, there was a lot of traffic. Many people stopped by and watched the demonstration. Some looked at the explanation of the Swastika with interest, while some felt that Jiang Zemin’s regime behaved inconceivably when they saw the photos of those practitioners who have been sacrificing their precious lives for upholding Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance. More people were attracted by the five sets of exercises and asked for the materials one after another. Some even wanted to start learning right away and inquired about the related information. A German couple asked for the truth-clarifying VCD. Another young German greeted us in Chinese and took away a brochure for his Chinese friends. We all felt that we should have come earlier. It was if people had been waiting for us to show them Falun Dafa.


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