The Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners at the Daqing Petroleum Research Company

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Among the 200 plus staff members in the Petroleum Research Company of Daqing Oil Field, those who practice Falun Dafa are all capable individuals at their own jobs. This fact had been publicly and widely recognised, and acknowledged by both the staff members and the Company's management.

However, from July 20, 1999 onwards, all unwavering Falun Dafa practitioners experienced different degrees of persecution.

Main persons responsible:

Party Secretary of the Research Company -- Sun Yubin: 86-459-6766383

Party Secretary's Office: 86-459-6765238

Managing Director of the Research Company -- Wang Gang (home) 86-459-6765498

Director's Office: 86-459-6765235

Facts of the persecution:

1. Jing Xiaohong, an engineer, went to Beijing with her whole family to appeal for Falun Dafa in November 1999. Upon returning home, she was arrested by the local police and detained for 7 days. In April 2000, her family went to Beijing to appeal again, but was stopped at the Beijing Railway Station by Daqing staff watching there. The Research Company sent 2 people by plane to pick them up, and then imprisoned them for 45 days. The total cost of this pick-up action amounted to 4,000 Yuan and Jing was made to pay for all of it. Jing participated in the group practice in Daqing City on June 18, 2000, and was sentenced to one year in a forced labour camp. (Jing and her husband were sent to forced labour together, so their 8 year old daughter had to stay with another practitioner's family) During this period of unlawful detention, Jing was expelled from her work unit and the employment contract was terminated.

2. Xie Minghe, a senior Engineer, went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in November 1999. After talking to the police on Tiananmen Square and clarifying the reasons for the peaceful appeal, he was arrested and sent back to Daqing, and thrown into detention for 2 weeks. In 2000, his work unit removed him from his managerial position as "Deputy Chief Engineer."

3. Li Shujie (engineer), Liang Xiaoying (worker), and Fu Qian (worker). In June 2000, they went together to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, holding up a banner with "Falun Falun Dafa" written on it. They were captured and sent to Daqing City's Liaison Office in Beijing. The Research Company sent 3 people by plane to collect them, then made the practitioners foot the total bill of these 3 persons' whole trip, which amounted to over 10,000 Yuan. They were taken back to the local Public Security, and sent to detention for 10 - 45 days. When they were released and resumed normal full-time work, they were only paid 350 Yuan (£12) per month salary (i.e. drastically reduced). In July, the 610 Office in the company's headquarter demanded a "fine," with nothing in writing, of 2,000 Yuan from each of them. The company also instigated different other "punishments": Li lost his Party membership and position in the company, but was retained at the job under 2 years probation; Liang lost his position in the company, but was retained at the job under 1 year probation; Fu received a "serious warning." In September, all three of them were sent to "off-duty training class" without any performance assessment (this class is normally run for staff who come in at the bottom of the performance assessment) for two months (where they received lower "off-duty pay" only). Before the end of the training class in November, the company forced them to terminate their year-of-service contracts without agreeing to it. Liang and Fu were paid-off and their employment contracts were terminated, yet their 20, 000-Yuan retrenchment payments were held up until near the 2002 New Year, and only then were they paid, after repeatedly requesting it.

4. Fan Jin, an engineer, was forced by the company to terminate his year-of-service in November 2001, or else lose his job. Fan's employment contract was thus terminated.

5. Li Guixian, an engineer. In the lead up to the May 1st labour day holiday, the company demanded that Li write a guarantee not to go to Beijing to appeal. Li refused, so they called in the police. Just before the 2001 New Year, Li went to Beijing to appeal for a stop to the persecution of Falun Gong, and was captured on Tiananmen Square. The company sent 2 staff and a policeman to collect him (Li had to pay the whole trip's expenses of around 5,000 Yuan), and then he was detained for 100 days. When Li returned to work after being released, he lost his position in the company in June, and his employment contract was terminated.

6. Li Yaqin, a worker. During the performance review in February 2001, Li was forced to write a "guarantee," or face being sent to "off-duty training class," with reduced pay (paid off-duty allowance only). Also, since July 20 of 1999 (beginning of the persecution), everyone in the company who had learned or practiced Falun Gong was required to write and hand in a letter of "guarantee," (Document to guarantee to stop practicing). Some were even required to write letters several times, and forced to give up their cultivation in Falun Gong.

Whenever the Director talked to Falun Dafa practitioners, he would say, "Jiang is too soft! If I were him, I would shoot them all!" When the Party Secretary talked to the Falun Dafa practitioners, and Falun Dafa practitioners clarified the truth to him, he said, "I could send you all to detention just for what you've said."

This information is from an insider at the Research Company who knows the situation of persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners. Though these are not the full details. All this is common knowledge among the staff members of the Research Company.


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