Forms of Persecution in Shuanghe Labour Camp

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Forms of Persecution in Shuanghe Labour Camp

Facts of Crimes Committed by Police in the Shuanghe Female Forced Labour Camp in Qiqihar City

Written By a Dafa Practitioner from Mainland China

Since July 1999, Jiang's regime has continuously escalated their level of persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. Countless Falun Gong practitioners have been brutally beaten and physically abused by the police. The following is the record of the crimes committed by the chief of police Bai, the deputy chief police Hong, the police team leaders Zhang Zhijie, Wang Yan, Li Weijie and Guo Li from the Shuanghe Female Forced Labour Camp in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province.

The main person in charge of persecution at the Shuanghe Female Forced Labour Camp, the deputy chief police Hong often told the imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners, "As far as if you don't transform, we have many methods [to force practitioners to become brainwashed]." Under his command, the other police felt emboldened by his support. They brutally tortured the imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners.

1. Cruel Torture and Ferocious Punishment:
In early 2000, Yu Zhenjie, Li Chunhua, Shi Shufang, Zhang Shuzhe, Wang Xiuying, Hou Yaqian, and Li Arying, were together with 11 other female practitioners practicing Falun Gong exercises. The police team leader, Li Weijie and other police officers cuffed the practitioners' hands behind their backs on the metal headboards to torture them. The practitioners could neither squat nor stand. They were also not allowed to sleep for 24 hours and were locked in a small, cold and dirty cell for as long as half a month. This torture caused them to suffer pain on their arms and legs, have stomach aches, and lose control of their bladder. Li Weijie and other police team leaders also instigated the inmates to sit on practitioners' bodies and beat their heads. The inmates also forced screwdrivers into practitioners' mouths in order to force-feed them. As a result, the practitioners' mouths were lacerated and their sores festered. The pain was extremely severe. Some police used police ropes to strap practitioners' necks. Yang Shulan lost consciousness because of this torture. Wu Guijing who was nearly 60, together with other Falun Gong practitioners, had his hands cuffed and was hung on a heat pipe near the ceiling by Li Weijie, Wang Yan and other policemen. Ms. Wu suffered much from this torture.

2. Illegal Arrest:
During the months of June and July 2001, in one of the labour camp's so-called policy meetings, practitioners Liu Shourong, Shi Shufang, Xu Hongmei, and Shen Zili, kindly pointed out to those transformed people [the people whose minds have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture by Jiang 's regime] that it was wrong to break away from Falun Gong and turn against Falun Dafa. Therefore, they were accused by the labour camp authorities with "interfering with the meeting's agenda" and were arrested. They were then escorted to the detention centre and second detention centre in Qiqihar. Their bodies and minds became seriously distressed.

3. Illegally Extended Imprisonment:
The wardens also extended the imprisonment terms for those practitioners who resisted the transformation. The wardens threatened that so long as the practitioners refused to stop practicing Falun Gong, they would not be released. Meanwhile, the practitioners' right to see their families and relatives were deprived. As a result, a group of practitioners who had been imprisoned for one year without legal proceedings had their imprisonment illegally extended by the forced labour camp for up to 11 months. Eventually, the labour camp authorities had no choice but to release this group of practitioners including Li Chunhua, Yang Shulan, Wang Jianfang, Li Mingying, Hou Yaqian, Wang Xiuying, Li Aiying.

4. Forced Brainwashing:
The wardens compelled the imprisoned practitioners to transform and renounce Falun Gong. They frequently transferred the practitioners from larger classes to small cells where the police, together with the transformed people, took turns to brainwash and torture the practitioners. The practitioners were forced to sit on small stools to prevent them from falling asleep. They were also forced to sit on the cement floor. The police team leaders Zhang Zhijie, Wang Yan, Wang Mei and Zhao Lijuan along with the transformed people scolded and used electric batons to strike the practitioners who resisted the transformation. Five or six police gathered around and pushed over one practitioner to beat and kick her. This severe torture caused the practitioners' bodies, which were maintained by practicing Falun Gong to reverse their healthy condition and suffer heart disease and hypertension.

5. Illegal Confinement:
The labour camp authorities often added arbitrary imprisonment and confinement time to practitioners' sentences. If a practitioner said something against the slander of Falun Gong, his/her term would be extended from one to three months. Those who persist in practicing Falun Gong will be placed in solitary confinement. The law prohibits handcuffing a woman's hands behind her back. But the wardens intentionally break the law and continue to use this type of torture. The law stipulates a confinement term cannot exceed seven days, but the wardens locked Li Aiying in confinement for ten days.

6. Ultra-Intensified Enslavement:
This forced labour camp not only applied a series of inhuman physical punishments, but also forces practitioners to work extended hours. What was more serious was that this forced labour camp formed a partnership with some lawless merchants to produce adulterated and forged products to defraud consumers. The practitioners were forced to go to the nearby Qiqihar City's Four Friend Chemical Industry Company's Agricultural Pharmaceutical Factory to package the agricultural chemicals.
What they did was physical labour that went beyond normal endurance. They were forced to work for 12 to 18 hours a day. From the time they started until it ended, the entire day was spent in intense labour mixed with shouting and insults. Because of being overly exhausted, some people fell down under the counter without being noticed. However, even under this extremely exhaustive labour, they were only given steamed flour buns with sand in them, and soup made with cabbage and salt.
Moreover, many agricultural chemicals were expired products. But the wardens forced the practitioners to replace the wrappings with new ones to falsify that these products were good. Hence, the practitioners went on strike to protest this illegal activity. They also wrote to the chief of police of the labour camp, Bai and Yang, and the Qiqihar City Consumer Association. From then on, the practitioners were exempted from doing such kind of jobs, but instead, the male inmates took over these jobs to continue defrauding the farmers.

7. Stealing Money and Possessions:
In May 2001, the immoral policeman Huang Jing from this labour camp with the subordinate deputy team chief, Zhao Lijuan plundered the 5 Jin (about 2 pounds) of jujube and 8 Jin of apples that practitioner Li Mingying's family brought for her. On May 19, 2001, this policeman searched Ms. Li's possessions and seized her Falun Dafa books and Teacher Li's new articles. The police officer cuffed the practitioners behind their back and tied them up on the bed. The police team leader, Wang Yan, and the section chief, Guo Li stole 25 Yuan from under practitioner's Wang Huarong's bed and 155 Yuan from Li Mingying's pocket (later she requested the return of 69 Yuan). The new socks in her luggage were taken away from her. Li Chunhua's family brought a vest for her, but it was also withheld by Zhao Lijuan. Although these are just a few items, their behaviour exposes their corrupt and greedy nature.

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