Germany: Falun Gong was Introduced Daily at a Week-long Health Fair

During the first week in October, a week-long health fair was held in one of Bremen’s large shopping centres. The host was the International Society for Disease Prevention, a nonprofit organization that is an extensive network for communication among central Europe’s health professionals.

For five days one could find a number of information booths that addressed health and sickness issues. Forty thousand people visit the shopping centre each day. They all had the chance to pick up leaflets, listen to lectures on different health subjects or just enjoy a massage.

Falun Gong practitioners demonstrated the five sets of Falun Gong exercises several times each day. In the anonymous atmosphere of a modern shopping centre, the Falun Gong practitioners in their shining yellow outfits presented peacefulness, dignity and concentration. The demonstrations were eye-catching and attracted a lot of positive attention.

Following the exercise demonstration was a half-hour presentation about the changes practising Falun Gong has on the body and mind. To help people understand the practice further, scientific results and the personal experiences of a number of practitioners were presented and they gave an informative introduction to the interested visitors at the centre. On the Saturday, a doctor who practises Falun Gong talked about the health aspects of the practice from the viewpoint of Chinese medicine.

There are many ways to help society learn more about Falun Dafa. This week was an excellent arrangement and a great opportunity to do just that.

The fifth exercise being demonstrated and explained Several people learned the exercises on the spot

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