Russia: Anti-Torture Exhibition in St Petersburg

On the 19th of November 2005, Falun Gong practitioners in Russia staged an anti-torture exhibition in the square next to the Joelnalechika subway station in St Petersburg. They demonstrated the torture to reveal the cruel persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the Jiang Zemin political group and the Communist Party of China.

Pedestrians learned the truth from practitioners

In the past few years, practitioners in St.Petersburg persisted in introducing Falun Gong at the busy subway exits every Saturday. A lot of people in St. Petersburg learned about the persecution here. This is the first time they demonstrated torture methods with actors in order to make vivid the cruelty and evilness of the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. St. Petersburg was icy and snow bound at the time, yet pedestrians stopped to watch. They learned the truth from practitioners and expressed support and concern for Falun Gong. A lot of people were surprised that such a persecution could be taking place today.

Pedestrians learning the truth from practitioners

Although the weather was cold, the practitioners' kind hearts warmed up everyone who approached them. . When the practitioners began to set up banners and exhibition boards, a shop owner came over and with a rather rude attitude wanted practitioners to put the banners a bit further away so as not to interfere with her business. Practitioners were peaceful and moved the exhibition boards and banners a bit further away and then gave a leaflet to the lady. After a while, she came out from the shop with good will and stood in front of the exhibition boards for a long time. She asked the practitioners, "Where can I sign my name and express support for Falun Gong?" When the activity was about to end, she came out of the shop again and gave a cup of hot coffee to each of the practitioners. Seeing her benefaction after understanding that truth, the practitioners felt very gratified.

A well-dressed gentleman talked with practitioners for a long time. In his view it was abnormal for the western media to seldom report the cruel conduct and violations of human rights by the CCP. He sympathised with Falun Gong practitioners very much and signed his name in support of the anti-persecution.

Signing the petition

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