Thailand: CCP Instigates Thai Police to Beat and Detain Falun Gong Practitioners

The persecution may be lessening, but the diehard group made up of Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan, Zeng Qinghong, Zhou Yongkang and others attempt to struggle until last minute. Recently the Jiang and Luo gang took advantage of the cowardice and avarice of a handful of people in the Thai government, and instigated a series of incidents in Thailand.

The Thai police have encroached upon local Falun Gong practitioners' human rights several times since December 9th. They did so at the behest of CCP officials at the Chinese embassy.

On December 10th, 2005, opposite the Chinese embassy, peacefully protesting Falun Gong practitioners were roughed up by Thai police. On December 14th, three practitioners who handed out Falun Gong materials were beaten by the police in Pattaya. On December 15th, eight practitioners were arrested by Thai police in front of the Chinese embassy. One was released, seven others are still being detained at the immigration bureau and have started a hunger strike.

On December 15th, in front of Chinese embassy, Thai police roughly treated Falun Gong practitioners
Practitioners condemn the rape of fellow practitioners in China Police forcibly dragging practitioners away

Practitioners had been sitting in silence on the footpath opposite the Chinese embassy to protest the rape of two female Falun Gong practitioners in an effort to call on the international community to help stop the brutal persecution in China. Local people have expressed their support of the appeal and several media outlets have reported the story since it began on December 6th.

But since December 9th, groups of police have repeatedly come to the scene of the appeal. They attempted to take Falun Gong practitioners away to "check their identification." At noon on December 10th, some police officers and vehicles went into the Chinese embassy. After coming out, dozens of uniformed police together with plainclothes officers approached practitioners, searched their bags, dragged them away and grabbed their banners, causing injury to the practitioners and damaging their belongings.

On December 15th, in front of Chinese embassy, Thai police roughly treated Falun Gong practitioners

When the practitioners explained the facts of the persecution to the police and also exposed the wrongdoings of the Chinese embassy, some police officers expressed that they did not want to come to harass them, but the Chinese embassy asked them to do so.

At 10:00am December 15th, eight practitioners went to the Chinese embassy to peaceful appeal on the footpath, including three children aged four, six and fouteen respectively. At 11:00 a.m., two police vehicles surrounded the practitioners, demanding to check their passports.

One of the practitioners, 14-year-old Wang Anqi, had been in front of the Chinese embassy for the previous several days and witnessed a series of violent incidents taking place. She said that the police had been this for the past ten days. Some practitioners' passports had been checked numerous times. Although there were no problems, police continued to checked them. Checking passports is only an excuse for the police. The true reason is that they have been pressured by the Chinese embassy to stop practitioners from appealing.

One police officer had once told Wang Anqi, "You can come here to protest, but you'd better bring your UN refugee protection letters with you." But when practitioners showed their IDs and UN refugee protection letters on this day, the police claimed they were invalid and repeatedly emphasised that Chinese embassy told them to arrest practitioners. After that, they violently dragged and kicked practitioners. They even directly carried a practitioner in sitting meditation position to the police vehicle. Children were so frightened that they cried.

After arresting four practitioners, two more police vehicles came. The police kept taking photos of the four practitioners including Wang Anqi and attempted to take them to the police station. Wang Anqi required the police to show their IDs, but the police dared not, looking afraid. Afterwards, they called in more police, and violently beat and kicked practitioners and stuffed the remaining four practitioners into the police car.

The police attempted to grab a camera from Wang Anqi's hand, and they pulled and twisted her hands and arms. On December 10th, she was also beaten by police. The police pulled her and threw her into the police car. Inside the car, a plainclothes man beat Wang Anqi and her mother until another police officers stopped him.

Afterwards, they were taken to the immigration bureau. The people in the immigration bureau also treated practitioners harshly. The police repeatedly said to the practitioners that the Chinese embassy asked them to do what they did. The officers also told practitioners that they had received pressure from the Chinese government and Chinese Foreign Affairs Department, the Chinese embassy made phone calls to them to requested that they arrest Falun Gong practitioners.

Later, Wang Anqi was released but her ID was confiscated. Seven other practitioners are still detained at the immigration bureau. The police have threatened to detain them until another country accepts them. Falun Gong practitioners who are being detained have started a hunger strike.

Wang Anqi expressed that these practitioners had UN refugee identification with them, and they are legally permitted to live in Thailand. But the CCP has instigated the Thai police to arrest practitioners under the guise of their status. Because they are afraid of being exposed, the police have confiscated all of the practitioners' mobile phones.

Wang Anqi made a phone call to the immigration bureau and learned that the detained practitioners' situation was very grave. The situation for the two children in detention is also bad. As Wang Anqi's parents are currently in detention, there is no-one to take care of her.

Practitioners call upon the international community to pay attention to this incident, and require the Thai police to immediately release the detained Falun Gong practitioners.

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