Thailand: Authorities Detain Four-Year-Old Girl and her Father

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Huang Ying is the daughter of practitioners Huang Guohua and Luo Zhixiang. Her nickname is Kaixin (Joy).

Horrified, little Kaixin watches Thai police take her father away Little Kaixin presents a paper lotus flower to a Thai policeman

Unfortunately, Kaixin has experienced very few joyful moments since her birth in 2001. As the Guangzhou 610 Office [a Chinese Communist Party government organisation set up specifically to persecute Falun Gong. It has often been likened to the Nazi's gestapo] was searching for her mother, Luo Zhixiang, Luo was forced to leave her three month old daughter. In 2002, Kaixin's parents (Huang Guohua and Luo Zhixiang) were both illegally arrested by the Guangzhou 610 Office. For their unyielding belief in Falun Dafa, the parents were brutally tortured, even though Ms. Luo was pregnant. In December 2002, Kaixin's mother was tortured to death. Upon seeing her mother's emaciated body, little Kaixin cried and cried. In 2004, the 610 Office tried to arrest her father, Huang Guohua, and Huang was forced to flee to Thailand. With help from the international community, little Kaixin was rescued to Thailand and reunited with her father in December 2004.

Little Kaixin Luo Zhixiang, was persecuted to death

On December 15th, Kaixin and her father Huang Guohua went to the Chinese Embassy in Thailand to send forth righteous thoughts. Around 11 a.m., two police cars came. Upon seeing the police officers, Kaixin presented them with lotus flowers and fliers containing information about the persecution and the practice. However, due to pressure from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the police dragged Kaixin's father away, even though he had a valid passport, visa and a UN refugee protection letter. Kaixin was terrified and cried. Afterwards, Kaixin and several other practitioners were also unlawfully taken to the Bangkok immigration bureau.

Though immigration officers and policemen all know Kaixin's story, they didn't show any mercy to the little girl. They detained her and her father in a jail at the immigration bureau and stated that they would not release any practitioners until another country admits them. In addition, they even tried to separate Kaixin and her father, but gave up because of Huang's strong protest. Mr. Huang and other practitioners have been on a hunger strike, and the situation of Kaixin is also troubling.

While the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) brutal persecution of Falun Gong has become widely known by the international community, the CCP is approaching its demise as more and more people have in succession quit the evil party. However, tempted by commercial interests, some Thai officials gave in to the pressure from the CCP and committed some very inhumane deeds.

All kind-hearted people, please uphold justice and take immediate action to help the little ones and prevent Kaixin's tragedy from happening again.

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