Middle School Teacher and Falun Gong Practitioner Mr. Fei Chongrun Beaten to Death; Police Do Not Conduct an Investigation

Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Fei Chongrun, formerly named Fei Weidong, 41 years old, was nearly six feet tall and very healthy. At noon on October 18th 2005, he talked about the human rights abuses against Falun Gong while buying a motorcycle at the Yongfeng Vehicle Shop at No. 335 West Lushan Road in Jiujiang County. The shop owner turned him in to the police. The police arrived and quickly closed the shutters before beating Fei Chongrun to death.

Fei Chongrun is survived by his 80-year-old father, his three-month-old daughter, and his unemployed wife. Right now, the police are refusing to conduct an investigation.

Physical evidence

There are many injuries on different places on Fei Chongrun's body. His lips are swollen and there are bloodstains on the corners of the mouth. Two of his front teeth are missing and one tooth is broken. There is a semi-circle shaped wound on his right temple caked with dry blood. About one inch above this wound is a circular wound about 0.6 inches in diameter. The flesh on that wound is caved in and covered by blood. There is a red abrasion wound below the left shoulder, and there are scratch wounds on both elbows and there is dirt on both knees. These wounds show that Fei Chongrun sustained bodily injuries in the front and back, and on both the right and left sides.

Fei Chongrun's family also saw wounds in his private area, which is black and blue. Fei Chongrun's family asked the shop owner Hong Ying about this incident, but Hong Ying and the police insisted that Fei Chongrun "fell to his death." Considering the locations of Fei Chongrun's injuries all over his body, especially the heavy injuries on his mouth and temple, how could he have knocked out two of his front teeth while injuring his right side, with so many bleeding wounds?

On October 21, perpetrators from the Jiujiang County Police Department, the Politics and Judicial System and the court who have been persecuting Falun Gong for a long time, formed a group and played the "mediator." Perpetrators from the Jiujiang County Police Department and the Politics and Law Committee each gave Fei Chongrun's family 10,000 Yuan and claimed the money came from shop owner Hong Run.

On October 22, four coroners from Jiujiang City and Jiujiang County and two doctors from a hospital performed Fei Chongrun's autopsy and said the result would not come out until one month later. During this period, Fei Chongrun's family enquired several times but was told, "If you keep enquiring like this, you'll probably have to return the 20,000 Yuan!" Fei Chongrun's family thus became silent. No further investigation was conducted into the cause of Fei Chongrun's death, and the case was thus put aside.

A life ended abruptly and the body is covered in wounds. Why does the police not permit the victim's family to enquire about the cause of death?

Right now, the Jiujiang police and Politics and Law system are trying to cover up a public beating death. Kind-hearted people, please pay attention to Fei Chongrun's family, restore justice for Fei Chongrun, and call for the release of all illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners.

Yongfeng Vehicle Shop: 86-792-6822616
Shop owner Hong Ying: 86-13907920606 (cell)
110 Emergency Response staff involved in the death: 86-13507063180 (cell)
Principal of No. 1 Jiujiang County Middle School where Fei Chongrun worked, 86-13807025878 (Cell)
No. 1 Jiujiang County Middle School: 86-792-6821099, 86-792-6813130
Zhang Guohua: secretary of Jiujiang County Politics and Law Committee, 86-792-6811807
Coroner at Jiujiang County Police Department involved in the case: 86-13907223466 (Cell)
Yu Yanqiu: head of Jiujiang County Court


The Jiujiang county police have persecuted Falun Gong for a long time

The police and Politics and Law System in Jiujiang County, Jiangxi Province have persecuted Falun Gong for a long time. At the Jiujiang City Forced Labour Camp in Jiangxi Province, the guards torture practitioners who refuse brainwashing and "reform" by hanging them up with the hands tied for a long time. They hang the practitioners from window frames by their tied hands, or with their arms stretched out, forming a cross with their trunk, and only the tip of their feet touch the ground. They do not let the practitioners down even when they relieve themselves and hang the practitioners up for several days and nights at a time. Practitioner Zhou Youfu, an employee of the Ruichang City Flax Mill, was tortured for a long time at this labour camp. He suffered a nervous breakdown, from which he has not yet recovered. For female practitioners who refuse to wear the inmate uniform, the guards at this labour camp order inmates to strip the practitioners naked and keep the clothes away from them. The inmates not only shouted for people to come and watch the practitioners' naked bodies, they also insulted the practitioners with extremely vulgar and vicious language.

At the Majialong Forced Labour Camp in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, the guards order between three and five inmates to watch each determined practitioner. They refer to a textbook written specifically by the Judicial Bureau of China on how to "reform" Falun Gong practitioners. They encourage the inmates to torture the practitioners using various cruel and base methods.

Mao Rulun, a 66-year-old Falun Gong practitioner from Jiujiang City, was sentenced to two years of forced labour in March 2001. At Division 2 of the Majialong Forced Labour Camp in Jiujiang City, guard Deng Chengsong ordered inmate Wu Binlin to torture him. Wu Binlin and other perpetrators hung Mao Rulun up for three days and three nights without giving him food or water. They then cuffed his hands behind his back and hung him up again by his hands. The weight of his 187-pound body fell on his hands, and the handcuffs cut into his wrists, which caused severe injuries. He was in poor condition after his release and passed away on February 11, 2004.

Inmates at this camp savagely tortured practitioner Jiang Xiaoying. The inmates wrote slanderous words against the founder of Falun Gong on her face and buttocks. After Jiang Xiaoying lost consciousness, the inmates pinched her all over her body until she turned black and blue, her skin was lacerated, the muscles of her breasts were exposed, and the blood made her clothes stick to the exposed flesh. The inmates could not peel off the clothes because they stuck to her body. The inmates also stabbed her with needles and poured a whole pot of boiling water on her. Encouraged by the guards, they didn't allow her to stay in a dry environment so that her burn scars could heal. Instead, they forced her to lie on her wet bedding. Jiang Xiaoying's body is covered in wounds and she is emaciated. She became bedridden and could not take care of herself. The guards didn't take her to a hospital because they feared their crimes being exposed. After two months, they finally took her to the Ruichang Hospital due to the severity of the wounds. She was diagnosed with a lung infection. The guards instructed inmates who shared the same room with her to inject her with unknown drugs, claiming to "administer medical treatment," which resulted in her having a nervous breakdown.

At the "main attack room" at the Women's Division 4 of the labour camp, a woman inmate tortured a practitioner by burning her pubic hair with a cigarette lighter and elbowing her in the chest and back. She kept the practitioner from sleeping. Another inmate took out a bloody sanitary napkin from her underpants, pinched the practitioner's cheeks to force her mouth open, and she told the practitioner to eat the bloodstained napkin. Yet another inmate wrote the name of the Falun Gong founder on the sole of this practitioner's foot, so the practitioner had to stand on one foot if she didn't want to step down with the other foot. They coerced her to write a "reform statement" to renounce her belief. She was in pain and cold, and her body trembled. Her face looked ghastly and her lips turned dark purple. The inmates were frightened and said to her, "You can't die! We don't want to do this to you, but our sentence will be extended if you don't reform!"

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