Beginning of the New Year, People from All Over the World Condemn Chinese Communist Regime's Persecution

Late December is annual holiday time around the world. When people are busy celebrating holidays, kind-hearted people around the world have not forgotten the inhuman and ruthless persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China inflicted by the Chinese Communist regime. The Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group has constantly received supports from people all over the world, and these supports do not stop, even on Christmas Eve.

The following are condemnations of the violent incident of the rape of Falun Gong practitioners by the depraved Chinese Communist regime's police.

Karen Turns From: United Kingdom

You disgust me!!! How in the 21th century the government is still so immature??? Isn't it time to grow up and stop war? Please. How is your conscience?? How do you go to sleep at night? WHERE IS YOUR HEART?

Neil McGowan From: Moscow

China is a great nation with ancient traditions of civilisation. Torture and repression of religious groups is a betrayal of those traditions and cultural heritage, and a retrograde step of the most serious kind. I call on the authorities in Beijing to behave like MEN and not like RATS, and prove their rule is just by example... not by beatings and recriminations.

Bronwyn Tuohy From: Australia

I am so sorry to hear of the rapes of two innocent women practitioners of Falun Gong. I am sure that many other women and men are suffering abuses that they simply should not. Do we have to consider boycotting Chinese products to make the Government wake up? They obviously do not respect human life.

Tom Baxter From: Stratford-on-Avon, England

As a Catholic I find the behaviour of the Chinese [Communist regime] towards the Falun Gong to be an example of moral decadence. How would the politicians and policemen who inflicted this treatment feel if their own families suffered in similar ways? If China wants to gain REAL respect, then it must totally reform its human rights laws. Everyone is equal, and that is a universal right. So what is the Chinese [Communist regime] afraid of? Like a bully, they are actually a coward.

Terry Phelps From: Canada

What a horrible persecution and display of utter brutality. Don't any of these men have mothers and daughters?

My God! I urge all of the signers to contact the International Olympic Committee and vent your disgust that such a country could be the host of such an event. It's 1930's all over again.

Herbie Ellis From: Ireland

Chinese people are making a huge contribution to Ireland's economy and from my experience they are really friendly people. It's such a pity that these sickening stories are still emerging from their own country. Much change is still needed.

The Purbeck Gazette From: Dorset, United Kingdom

One day the world will treat all citizens with fairness and respect - until then, we must fight for individual rights, and against cruelty and repression. The UK government should suspend trade with China until this matter is resolved - until then DON'T BUY CHINESE!

Mike Scialom From: England

Thank you for bringing the sickening abuse of the Chinese authorities to the attention of the global population, and may justice be served sooner rather than later.

Andrew Hayward From: U K

This is a total abomination of an individual's human rights. The Chinese [Communist regime] should allow their people to live their lives as they wish. We are in the 21st century and there is no room for such inhuman and frankly STUPID behaviour as is promulgated by the Chinese [Communist regime].

Andrea McNeill From: Ireland

This abuse of Human Rights is disgraceful. It needs to stop and if it does not it must be prevented somehow. A boycott of Chinese goods as suggested by Julie probably won't solve anything as its gonna hurt more citizens too but definitely something the people committing these crimes need to be hit where it hurts!

June Merrigan From: United Kingdom

We must do all we can to bring pressure on the world to put pressure on the Chinese authorities to end their human rights atrocities.

Robin Laine From: UK

Chinese leaders belittle their great nation by condoning torture and denying the right of individuals to freedom of expression.

Alison Macpherson From: UK

China is guilty of the oppression of freedom of its own people, whilst western governments ignore this for financial gain. Our governments do not represent their people, who wish to see an end to this abuse and would support sanctions not trade agreements.

JB From: Australia

It is the right of every Falun Gong practitioner to practise their religion as it is for everyone else. China, shame on you. NO FREE TRADE AGREEMENT OR FAVOUR TO CHINA FROM AUSTRALIA UNTIL THEY MEND THEIR BROKEN WAYS. Australians, please protest loud and often to the Australian government until this stops.

Dr. R. Mueller From: Norway

Stop torturing and persecuting GOOD people who want to live after TRUTH, COMPASSION and TOLERANCE. Somebody who is persecuting such good people as the Falun Gong practitioners are and not allowing people to live after such good principles has to be really bad....

Frank Pycroft From: England

This situation is intolerable - questions need to be asked in the UK parliament as to why the British government continues to allow the Chinese access to our markets while such actions are continuing.

Ming Chen From: United States

IT'S AN EXERCISE and religion at most. It's ridiculous and inhumane. The "police" and the government official responsible for this should all be prosecuted.

Christine Summerfield From: UK

I will NEVER buy another article made in China until this oppression stops.

Richard Fisher From: UK

No person, or group of persons, has the self-determined right to impose their rule over the people without the majority approval of the people. How can you - the Chinese self-imposed government - call yourselves the Chinese People's Republic when it is the exact opposite?

I shall not be involved with anything to do with China, while you imprison and torture innocent people who practise Falun Gong, and whose innocence you are clearly afraid of. Perhaps you should torture and imprison children too, or perhaps you already do? Shame on you! Why don't you admit the truth - that what you are really afraid of is having to give up your comfortable positions of power to the Chinese people - the very people that you crazily believe that you have the divine right to represent and to torture and to imprison. You are monsters of the worst kind - the kind that believes their own lies - just in order to continue to stay in dictatorial power!

Nathaniel Davis From: United States

A state which so desperately tries to coerce a person to change his or her beliefs is one that elevates the power of the state over that of the individual, and in so doing this becomes like an overbearing master to the people it is supposed to be serving, a perversion of trust and respect. There is no higher sign of toleration and freedom than people being able to explore cultural and religious ideas, and to practise them if they so choose, without fearing attacks on their bodies and minds.

Shubha Dahal From: Nepal

Chinese officials are not setting their standards and they are showing the world that China is full of torture and Chinese officials are merciless. Boooh! with China!!

Dusan Babic From: Bosnia-Herzegovina

The main blame rests with Western democracies doing business with repressive regimes. In this very case, Microsoft and other software companies are providing Chinese regime with equipment for filtering and tapping e-mail messages and communications in cyberspace. Point is that corporate spirit is casting its greedy eyes while ignoring/abandoning all ethical postulates. In brief, Western democracy should respect its own basic values, and not to apply double standards. By adhering to principles is the best way to help tortured people, not only Falun Gong, but those elsewhere in the world.

Professor David W Chadwick From: UK

It is hard to find a rational explanation as to why the Communist Regime in China would want to persecute a peaceful group like Falun Gong. Yet there is very strong evidence that they do. One can only surmise that the Chinese regime is completely intolerant of any freedom of thought and expression.

Michael A. Odle From: Wisconsin, United States of America

China will never be accepted or respected as a just and mature society until it allows its citizens the freedom of conscience and personal belief that just societies all recognise. China's repression of such rights only proves how weak, afraid, and immature the Chinese government truly is.

Richard Malcolm Burman From: Oswewstry, Shropshire U.K.

I am Mayor of Oswestry and a Borough Councillor, and fully support your campaign to force the Chinese Government to allow their people the human rights which we have in our Western world.
(From Falun Gong Human Rights)

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