Benefiting from the Practise

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Xueli is a kind, sincere person who has worked in China for almost twenty years. She is an experienced and excellent educator. Xueli has been suffering from Mediterranean anaemia, low blood pressure, menstrual pain, stomach problems, heartburn, depression, and heart problems. She also had an operation on her right inner ear. Xueli's health was quite poor and she had to receive a heme injection from time to time in order to survive.

About six months ago, Xueli alongside a dozen of her colleagues started to practise Falun Dafa. This has had significant effects on both her mind and body. Xueli has regained her health, gained some weight, and maintained a stable mental state. This year, her school appointed her with two more administrative posts, and she has always been energetic and cheerful despite the heavy workload.

Xueli felt the marvel of Falun Dafa when she read the book Zhuan Falun and practised the five sets of exercises. After standing in the second exercise, "Falun Standing Stance," for a little while the first time she did it, she felt that her muscles were lightly twitching spontaneously, from her calves, thighs, hips, back, shoulders, cheeks, and ears, as if someone was patting her all the way up. She felt her heartbeat speeding up, and her inner ears were pumping in rhythm with energy. The whole process was amazingly special.

When Xueli was doing the "holding the wheel in front of the head" part of the second exercise, she could clearly feel she was holding a blue globe full of energy and expanding, so much so that she had to hold it with her strength. She also needed to hold her whole body with strength, so as to stand straight. When she was doing the "holding the wheel in front of the lower abdomen," the globe was sometimes heavy and sometimes light. When Xueli was doing the "holding the wheel above the head" part of the exercise, she felt that her whole body was covered in a tent full of energy, her body was very warm, and the energy was circulating strongly between her arms. When Xueli did the "holding the wheel on the two sides," the energy pumping in her ears appeared again. All the unexplainable experiences were actual occurrences and not something Xueli imagined.

After having gone through several periods of adjusting and cleansing the body, all the diseases that Xueli had suffered from for years disappeared, and she shone with a natural beauty. The happiest thing for Xueli is that she does not need to take sick leave or use her national health card any longer. More importantly, she let go of her attachments, and thus her worries in the secular world have disappeared. She feels that her life is free and content, and both her mind and body have been improved. Xueli also understands the three things that practitioners should do, so she often goes out to expose the persecution and give others a chance to benefit from the practice just as she has, whilst striving to assimilate as closely as possible to Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.

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