Russia: Practitioners from Northern Russia hold a Mini Experience Sharing Conference

On New Year’s Eve a small conference in which practitioners studied the principles of Falun Dafa together and shared cultivation experiences was successfully held in northern Russia. Falun Gong practitioners from Kandalaksha City and Arkhangelsk State got together and exchanged their understandings and experiences of cultivation.

A corner of the conference

Although there are not many Falun Gong practitioners in this area, it is already over two years since several exercise sites were set up here. A few veteran practitioners have kept a good relationship with the state and the City Government. In order to promote the practice and expose the persecution of Falun Gong to the world’s people, practitioners have been to nearby cities and villages many times to demonstrate the exercises and held all kinds of activities. Many new practitioners have began the path of cultivation during this period of time. The places are out of the way, but practitioners overcame many difficulties and actively participated in cultivation experience sharing conferences both at home and abroad.

A prominent point in this conference is that practitioners profoundly disclosed the nature of the evil Communist Party. The area within the Arctic Circle has a very cold climate and is sparsely populated. From 1930 to the 1950’s when the evil Communist Party came into power in the Soviet Union, it is here that forced labour camps and concentration camps where prisoners of state were persecuted had their beginning. Family members of both every practitioner and thousands of families here are witnesses and victims who used to be persecuted by the wicked Communist Party. Practitioners here fully understand the difficult position in which Falun Gong practitioners in mainland China are suffering from the persecution by the wicked Party, because their forefathers used to be persecuted like this.

All of them realised that they should work hard at the three things that Falun Gong practitioners should do at this time: studying the principles of Falun Dafa well, sending righteous thoughts and telling people about the persecution. They should make even greater efforts to let people know the CCP regime persecutes Falun Gong, supporting fellow practitioners in mainland China and putting an end to the evil persecution.

It was the first time for many practitioners to make speeches at the conference. Although they were somewhat excited, what they expressed was their truly personal experiences in doing three things well. Fellow practitioners were interchanging their ideas with each other and encouraging each other. The conference was, from beginning to end, bathed in purity and compassion.

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