Latvian MP Supports Resolution Condemning the Crimes of Communism

Since coming to power over half a century ago, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been responsible for over 80 million unnatural deaths of people in China. For the last six years, the CCP has relentlessly persecuted Falun Gong practitioners using the countless methods of torture, mental and physical abuse, brainwashing and violence that it has built up through fifty plus years of suppression. This week, the Council of Europe meets to discuss a resolution condemning the crimes of communist totalitarian regimes. Below is a letter from a Latvian Member of Parliament supporting this condemnation.

Riga, 20 January 2005

To the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

As a victim of the Soviet Communist regime and as the only one still alive from an eight-member family that has spent nine years in deportation in Siberia, I feel gratified and I thank the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for its determination to disclose, assess and condemn the crimes committed for decades against oppressed nations in the name of the Communist ideology.

As a member of the Latvian Parliament, I am proud and gratified that we in our country have recognised by law that the Nazi and Communist ideologies, as well as the regimes implementing these ideologies, and the repressions committed by these regimes against innocent people are criminal.

As a member of the Latvian Association of Politically Repressed Persons and as a participant of the international seminar held in Riga on 26th November 2005, I am sending you the resolution adopted at this seminar in which we stress the relevance of the need for international condemnation of the totalitarian Communist regimes and express support for your work on behalf of the people who were killed or who suffered violence in the name of the Communist ideology.


Pēteris Simsons
Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia

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