I Twice Endured Inhumane Torture at the Sichuan Province Women's Forced Labour Camp

This report details the torture I endured as a female Falun Dafa practitioner during two separate periods of detention at the Sichuan Province Women's Forced Labour Camp. Zhang Xiaofang, a female guard at the labour camp, handcuffed me, kicked my private parts and ordered the inmates to beat me until I lost consciousness. Then an inmate walked back and forth on my body, kicking my private parts until my lower body was covered with blood. The guard and the inmate then applied an unknown drug to my temples and eyes, causing me to lose my memory for more than six months.

1. Arrested and Tortured for Telling the Facts of Falun Dafa to Relatives

On December 12th, 2002 fellow practitioner Ms. Yan Zongfang and I went to my hometown to visit my parents and other relatives. Several relatives came to my parents' home. I shared with them how I'd benefited from practising Falun Gong and gave them leaflets exposing the persecution. In the afternoon, the son of one of my relatives went to school and was searched; the teacher found several flyers on him and reported it to the police. The next morning, the local police arrested us and took us to the police station. They took all the money we had and interrogated us. In the evening, we were detained in the State Security Brigade of the County Police Department.

The police officers from the State Security Brigade isolated us from those on the outside as well as from the other detainees, and interrogated us. Zhang Qiwei, the police commissar, and Kong Yun, head of the State Security Brigade, verbally abused us and tortured us, attempting to force us to reveal the source of the flyers. We firmly refused to cooperate with them. The police threatened and intimidated us, and deprived us of sleep, food and drink for a whole night.

On the second day, the State Security Brigade dispatched police officers Yang Cong, Gou Dongsheng, Hou Xiangyu, and He (surname) to go to my residence and they ransacked my apartment. They made a big mess and took half a truckload of personal items to the police station. In the afternoon we were taken to the detention centre. At the detention centre, we persisted in Fa study and practising the exercises. Zheng Zequan, deputy director of the police department, and political instructors Li and Sun Shulin beat, kicked and cursed us. Li used a knotted club to beat us, leaving numerous big bruises and wounds on my body. He cursed me obscenely. He Yongfu, head of the detention centre, beat and cursed Ms. Yan Zongfang frequently.

Several days later, the director of the police department in my hometown, Hou Xiangyu, led a group of police officers to my cousins' home. They took my two cousins and my niece's in-laws to the detention centre and illegally detained them for a whole day and night. They were deprived of sleep and handcuffed to stools. The police extorted 800 yuan1 from each of them and demanded 50 yuan as a "rental fee" during their detention. Only members of the communist party would commit such outrages to implicate even the most distant relatives in a legal case.

We were incarcerated and subjected to torture in the detention centre for more than six months. In June, we were sent to the Sichuan Province Women's Forced Labour Camp (also called Nanmusi Women's Forced Labour Camp) where they continued to cruelly torture us.

I suffered all kinds of torture at the hands of Zhang Xiaofang, a female guard at the labour camp. I was deprived of sleep, forbidden to use the restroom, sit, or take a shower. During the hottest days of summer, I was forced to get up at 5:00 a.m. and stand in the sun until 3:30 a.m. the next day. I was only allowed to rest between 3:30 and 5 a.m. every day. I was subjected to this physical punishment for several months, until my hands and feet became numb. My feet were swollen and the backs of my hands were swollen and bulging. I couldn't stand and fell to the ground; I completely lost consciousness and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. After I came to, my head hurt a lot. I felt my head and forehead, and discovered that there were several big bumps on my head, each the size of an egg.

Zhang Xiaofang also instigated several inmates, including Hu Guifu, Wang Lijuan and Zhang Chaoqiong, to torture and beat me, loosening all my teeth, and breaking one. They tied me in the double-crossed legs position for one day and one night; and used thin thread to tie my nipples very tight. They used a lot of force to pull the thread tight. The pain was terrible enough to make a person wish for death. I passed out six times.

2. I Was Arrested for the Second Time and Was Given an Unknown Drug and Lost My Memory

On November 11th, 2003 I went to the People's Congress building, the Political Consultative Committee Office building, and the residential compound of the County Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Committee to distribute CDs and flyers exposing the persecution. When I finished distributing them and was on my way back, a middle-aged man caught me and called the police, reporting to the police that I was distributing flyers. A police car and a group of policemen arrived immediately. They refused to listen to me when I clarified the truth to them. Later, I heard that the middle-aged man was the deputy director of the Organisational Department of the County CCP committee. Once inside the CCP residential compound, the police beat and kicked me. They forced me to gather up the materials I'd placed in the stairways and took me to the State Security Brigade of the police department. The police tried to force me to reveal the names of others who were distributing flyers and the flyer production site. I refused to collaborate with them. Yue Gang, the deputy head of the State Security Brigade, along with political instructor Huang and another police officer slapped my face and kicked me. I fell to the ground and couldn't stand on my own.

Ke Daqi, the head of the local 610 Office2, cursed me. Police officer Zhang Qiwei verbally abused me with obscene language. They couldn't obtain any information from me even though they threatened, intimidated and coaxed me with the club and the carrot.

They threw me into the detention centre. My face became severely swollen in the detention centre, as a result of several beatings. The next day, the police department dispatched a sinister and crafty police officer named Yang Cong to interrogate me. I simply explained the truth about Falun Dafa to him during the interrogation.

I was sentenced to two years of forced labour. On April 9th, 2004, I was incarcerated in the Sichuan Province Women's Labour Camp for the second time and was sent to the Seventh Brigade, the most vicious brigade. I encountered the guard Zhang Xiaofang again. She wore a smile, but cursed me really badly and confiscated 700 yuan, which was all the money I had with me. She handcuffed me, slapped my face and kicked my private parts. She ordered the other inmates to beat me until I lost consciousness. They trampled my hands and broke all my fingers. The guards directed the inmates to walk back and forth over my body, kicking my private parts until I my lower body was covered in blood. It hurt so much, and I had no strength to stand up.

Zhang Xiaofang ordered the inmates to pick me up and hold me in the standing position, and then she applied some kind of drug to my temples and eyes. After a short while, I fell into a stupor and lost my memory. Even when I was eating, sleeping or performing labour, I was not aware of what I was doing. I couldn't remember anything. Zhang arranged for five inmates to serve as "monitors" who watched over me in turn from morning 'till night. I was forbidden to sleep. When I squatted, I was forced to squat on my tiptoes, in a ballet-like posture. When I tried to shift into another position, they'd put a stool on my legs and one of them would sit on it, causing it to cut deeply into my thighs. Even the bones were visible. My legs bled profusely. They attempted to force me to slander Dafa, but I refused. Inmates Deng Qin and Liu Li were the worst among the inmates who tortured me.

I lost my memory for six months. In October, the Seventh Brigade and the Eighth Brigade were combined, and the situation became relatively better. With the help of fellow practitioners and strength from Dafa, I gradually regained my memory with much effort.

The phone numbers of the perpetrators:

The Sichuan Province Nanmusi Women's Labour Camp:
Fax: 86-832-5212057
Zip Code: 641200
Address: Nanmusi, Gongmin Town, Zizhong County
Tel: 86-832-521205l, 86-832-5212052
Director, Wang Baojun: 86-832-5212189 (Office)
Main Office: 86-832-5212057


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

2. "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

Chinese version available at http://minghui.org/mh/articles/2006/1/18/118892.html

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