Hong Kong: Practitioner Attacked in Busy Street, CCP Alleged to be the Behind-the-Scenes

Practitioner and chief technical officer of the Epoch Times Dr. Peter Yuan Li was recently assaulted and wounded in his Atlanta home by secret agents of Chinese Communist regime. Now, just a few days later, a Hong Kong practitioner, Kuang Senqia, was assaulted on the afternoon of February 12th in a busy street in Wangjao. He was publicly appealing for help to rescue his wife who is being unlawfully held in mainland China because she practises Falun Gong.

Falun Gong practitioner Kuang Senqia was attacked by a thug at the truth-clarifying site in a busy street in Wangjiao In addition to beating up the practitioner, the perpetrator damaged the truth clarification materials.

Mr. Kuang set up a truth clarification site along Wangjiao street twice a week. He calls for help rescuing his wife and exposes the brutal facts of the Chinese Communist regime's persecution of Falun Dafa.

In a statement, Mr. Kuang said that around 4 pm, on February 12, after a short peaceful meditation, he found all his materials scattered around. He started to put them back into order. Right at that moment, a man about 50 years old with short hair suddenly showed up. He kicked the materials all over the ground and verbally abused him. Mr. Kuang attempted to call the police but was stopped twice physically by the man. When the man was ready to leave, Mr. Kuang tried to take a picture of him with his cell phone, so the man started to attack him.

Mr. Kuang indicated that the man attacked him three times, hitting him hard in the center of the chest each time. Fortunately, Mr. Kuang knew some martial arts. He blocked and deflected the blows, but was left with a bleeding hand and bruised arms. Then the man ran away from the scene. Mr. Kuang reported the incident to the police and went to the hospital to check the wounds.

Mr. Kuang believed that it is not an accident. In a free society like Hong Kong where people have had a considerable understanding of Falun Gong, he felt that normally nobody would attack a practitioner and mess up the site in broad daylight, and in front of everyone, with no reason. He said, "Considering the assault of Dr Peter Yuan Li by special agents of Chinese Communist regime in Atlanta, USA, and the telephone threats made to practitioner attorney Chu Wan-chi, I believe that the CCP is behind the attack on me."

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