Germany: Practitioners Protest Against CCP Violence

In the morning of February 10th, despite the freezing cold, Falun Gong practitioners and staff members of The Epoch Times rallied in front of the Chinese Embassy in Berlin to protest the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for assaulting the Chief Technical Officer of the Epoch Times, Dr. Yuan Li, at his home in Atlanta, U.S.

Berlin practitioner Mr. Ye said: The publication of the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" by The Epoch Times and the then ever-growing tide of party renouncements made the CCP realize that it is approaching its end. Consequently, it has resorted to such despicable violent measures to attack the newspaper. The assault reveals that the CCP has become a gangster regime and is trying to export underworld measures overseas to suppress outspoken individuals and organizations. The assault also reminds people who still hold hope in the CCP that it is totally decayed and no one can save it.

A practitioner from the former East Germany said: This is the common feature of communist regime. They don't want people to have the right to know the facts. People will not have true freedom as long as the communist regime is still in power. German police officers who were on duty nearby also came to learn about the practitionerscause and they took the Nine Commentaries and other materials with them.

A reporter passed by, and he talked with a practitioner for a long time. He said that he didn't know the persecution was so brutal and widespread though he knew CCP persecuted Falun Gong. He asked why the CCP would persecute Falun Gong. Practitioners explained and gave him a of the "Nine Commentaries...". After the talk, he took the initiative to write down the practitioner's contact information and said that he would conduct a detailed interview later.

When accepting an interview from media, Mr. Ye said: "Sixty years ago, the Nazis were dominant and they killed countless innocents. However, they were completely discredited and their crimes also disgraced their descendents. Sixty years have passed. Members of the Nazis are still being sought out. The CCP is even more brutal than the Nazis, and it has persecuted more people to death. If the accomplices of CCP don't stop their wrongdoings, the fate of these people will be even more tragic than that of the Nazis.

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