Canada: Vancouver Falun Gong Practitioners Condemn CCP Agents' Barbaric Attack

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Vancouver Falun Gong practitioners protest outside the Chinese Consulate

At noon on February 12th, 2006, Falun Gong practitioners in Vancouver gathered in front of the Chinese Consulate to protest the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents' assault of an Atlanta Falun Gong practitioner, Dr. Peter Yuan Li. Ms. Wang Yuzhi, who was severely persecuted in a forced labour camp in Harbin City, China, before being rescued to Canada, announced a three-day hunger strike to protest the Communist Party thugs' barbaric attack.

Vancouver practitioners condemned the CCP's terrorist activity and called on the United States Government to investigate the incident and bring the criminals and those behind the scenes to justice.

The host of the event in Vancouver introduced the Atlanta incident: On the afternoon of February 8th, 2006, CCP agents pretended to make a water delivery to Dr. Peter Li's home in Atlanta, Georgia. The thugs pushed their way into his house, and beat and tied up Dr. Li. Another agent entered the house later, and speaking Mandarin Chinese, asked Dr. Li where his safe was. They left half an hour later, stealing two laptop computers and important documents. Family jewellery was left untouched.

Peter Li needed 15 stitches on his face after been beaten by CCP thugs

Ms. Wang Yuzhi, rescued from the persecution of the Chinese Communist regime, said, "Li's being attacked is not a standalone incident. Starting from 1999 when the Communist Party began to persecute Falun Gong, over 2,800 Falun Gong practitioners [have been verified to have been] murdered under the policy of state terrorism. Now the CCP has extended the persecution to overseas countries. In a free and peaceful country like the United States, they even break into an American citizen's house with a gun, and beat and rob him. This reveals that the CCP is shameless and is resorting to anything. It also predicts that the CCP is not far from collapse. I decided to go on a hunger strike for three days to protest the CCP's barbaric attack and to call on the public and righteous people to support Falun Gong."

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