United Kingdom: Introducing Falun Dafa to a school in Leeds

Whilst taking part in an activity to introduce Falun Dafa in Leeds city centre on the 28th January, a lady approached me informing me that she was from Bank Side primary school and that they were going to have a focus on health week. She asked if I would teach the set of five Falun Gong exercises to their year 6 children as part of the week’s activities. I immediately agreed and after a few phone calls we arranged a date and time.

Myself and several practitioners from the Leeds/Bradford area arrived at Bank Side Primary school on the 15th February to teach 3 classes of 10-11 year old children about Falun Dafa. Due to limited space we had to teach each class separately and would only have about 30 minutes to teach the exercises. I decided that the best way to introduce Falun Dafa to the children was with a well-made video by FGMTV (http://fgmtv.net/dafa.htm) entitled “Introduction to Falun Gong.” Then afterwards the remaining time would be used to teach the exercises.

Video of practitioners from around the world performing the exercises

Practising the Falun Gong exercises

The children were captured by the beautiful scenes on the video of practitioners from around the world performing the exercises. They listened quietly about Falun Dafa’s main feature of being truthful, compassionate, tolerant and how practitioners strive to become good people. The video had people from all walks of life performing the exercises, with the school being mixed race the children saw that Falun Dafa can be practised by anyone, no matter what race, religion or culture they are from. After the children watched the brief video, we then asked them to stand up and taught them the exercises

The children were very innocent and curious. They were well behaved and asked many questions. When I asked one of the children, whilst he was performing the second exercise (http://www.falundafa.org/eng/exercises.htm), Falun Standing Stance, how he felt, he replied that it felt like he was holding the universe. We gave out many flyers at the end of the day to the teachers and the children to take home to their families so that they could learn more about the practice and the terrible persecution that is illegally taking place in China against those who practise Falun Gong. We said our farewells and I felt happy that these future adults had been given a chance to glimpse this beautiful practice.

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