Statement by WOIPFG'S Investigation Committee for the "Self-immolation Incident at Tiananmen Square"

The incomparably cunning and wicked Chinese Communist Party went to tremendous lengths to fool the entire world, and they almost succeeded.

At around 5:00 p.m. on January 23rd, 2001 (Chinese New Year's eve), the Xinhua News Agency released a news story to the whole world, in the English language. They claimed that a shocking "self-immolation" incident occurred at 2:41 p.m. at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. On the same day, Xinhua News Agency also released the news in Chinese at 5:28 p.m. The Chinese news said, "...under instigation from the teachings of the [Jiang's slanderous term deleted] organisation, 'consummation and rise up to the heaven', one man and four women lit up gasoline and burned themselves alive at Tiananmen Square at 2:40 p.m. today."

Ever since Xinhua News Agency released the news, a large-scale conspiracy of overwhelming deception and lies instantly spread throughout China and almost the entire world. It was as if they eclipsed the sky and blanketed the earth.The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) used this to intensify the persecution of Falun Gong and to gain support from a great number of hoodwinked people. These people directly or indirectly supported the persecution or considered it an acceptable act. Immediately following this deceptive propaganda, the number of kind-hearted and innocent Falun Dafa practitioners killed by the Communist regime escalated. As of today, the number of confirmed death cases is 2,840. Millions of practitioners have been detained, beaten for persisting in their belief and for appealing for justice regarding Falun Gong. Their homes were ransacked and their personal property was looted. Many of them suffered unbearable humiliations. Hundreds of thousands of practitioners are subjected to long-term sentences in prisons, detention centres, mental hospitals and various brainwashing facilities under different disguises. Countless families have been torn apart, while numerous practitioners' relatives and friends have been implicated. At least 10,000 children became orphans, leading miserable and tragic lives. All these atrocities are being covered up by the Chinese Communist regime using all kinds of ignoble methods.

The World Organisation to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) announced its establishment on January 21st, 2003. It was formed in order to investigate the crimes of the instigators of the persecution, Jiang Zemin's gang and the Chinese Communist Party; in order to uphold justice and restore truth to history; in order to help those precious Chinese people who unknowingly committed crimes against the truth while deceived by fabricated lies and rumours to rectify their shameful acts; and for the sake of the future of the Chinese people and nation.

On the same day, an Investigative Committee of the "Self-immolation Incident at Tiananmen Square" was established as a subordinate committee under the WOIPFG. They immediately launched a comprehensive investigation of the so-called "self-immolation incident at Tiananmen Square."

Three years have passed. We have been carrying out our mission for 1,095 days and nights. It has become vividly obvious to us how, through the instructions of Jiang Zemin, then the Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party's, and the direct manipulation of Luo Gan, the secretary of Politics and Law Committee of the CCP central committee, that the Chinese Communist Regime meticulously plotted the conspiracy of burning people alive to instigate the Chinese people's hatred toward Falun Gong.

On January 23rd, 2001, there was no "self-immolation incident" at Tiananmen Square. The so-called "self-immolation incident" was actually an "act of murder by burning people alive." During this incident, Liu Chunling, who died on the spot, was hit hard on the back of the head while suffering from being set on fire. She died as a result of that blow. Her 12-year-old daughter, Liu Siying, was portrayed as a pathetic child. She touched the hearts of many Chinese people in a scheme that she was not aware of and could not comprehend. The moment she was chosen to play such a role, she was destined to die in this sinister plot of Luo Gan's.

As for the other figures chosen in this plot, none of them were truly "burning themselves" at Tiananmen Square. They were implicated in a larger conspiracy. Today, they are still playing these tragic and shameful roles in prison, in the most agonising state. The Chinese Communist Party has destroyed their original healthy bodies and normal spirits. They were forced to show up on TV, smiling or weeping as they were told. Even their families and intimate friends have been thoroughly brainwashed and deceived, so that they can be exploited in turn to deceive the whole world.

The so-called "self-immolation incident" at Tiananmen Square was not an extremely complicated case, nor a confusing case. It was a clumsy performance by the Chinese Communist Party. Today, evidence from many different sources all reveal one important fact: it was a huge lie and conspiracy. A great number of people were involved in this incident and many of the participants knew it was a deceptive plot from the very beginning. Numerous details of the case continue to emerge. A great number of witnesses will appear and huge amounts of material evidence will be shown to the entire world, when the time is right. They are exceptionally shocking, but in fact, if you think it over carefully, not entirely beyond expectation.

We found evidence in the investigation which revealed that the following individuals and organisations participated in or were involved in the incident:

Luo Gan, Secretary of the Politics and Law Committee of the CCP Central Committee, Liu Jing, Deputy Director of the 610 Office1 of the CCP Central Committee and Zhou Yongkang, the Minister of Public Security, all personally intrigued or plotted the so-called "self-immolation incident at Tiananmen Square."

Other participants were: the Ministry of State Security of the CCP Central Committee;

Ministry of Public Security of the CCP; the Department of Police of Beijing City; the

Tiananmen Police Department; the Zhongshan Park Police Station; the Cultural Palace Police Station; the Imperial Palace Police Station; the Subway East Station Police Station; the Police Academy of Beijing; the Beijing Emergency Care Centre; Li Chi, Deputy Director of the burn treatment division at Jishuitan Hospital of Beijing; Chinese Central TV station and Luo Ming, Deputy Director of Chinese Central TV station.

The following staff of the "Focus Interview" program of Chinese Central TV (CCTV) participated in the frame-up: Producers: Chen Meng, Bo Yang; Editors: Li Yuqiang, Yu Weili; Cameramen: Zhong Shi, Zhang Xuefeng; Program Coordinator: Sun Hong; Duty Editor: Li Changsheng; Technique Producer: Du Lianying, Ji Yu, Ma Yuyan, Chen Haohai; Composition staff: Yang Taozhou, Xiao Jing; Production supervisor: Li Ting, Zhang Baoan; Overall Supervisor of the program: Luo Ming.

More participants were: the China International Television Corporation; Renmin Daily;

Xinhua News Agency; Xinhua News Agency journalists - Jiang Yaping, Lu Dasheng, Wang Hengtao, Zhai Wei, Peng Hong, Li Lijing; Duty Editor - Li Dongshuai, photographer reporter - Xiao Yu; Guangming Daily, Guangming Daily journalist - Wang Guangrong; China News Agency, China News Agency journalist - Pan Xulin, Editor - Qi Bin; China Youth Daily, China Youth Daily journalist - Wang Haizhou; and Duty Editor-Zang Wenli; People's Liberation Army Daily, People's Liberation Army Daily journalists - Yue Shuangxi and Zhang Jianjun; Beijing Evening, Beijing Evening journalist - Yang Hao; People's Supreme Court; The First People's Intermediate Court;

Zhengzhou Prison of Henan Province; Police in the 3rd Brigade of Henan Province Women's Labour Camp, Director of the 4th Brigade - Wang Shulan, and Instructor - Liu Baolan of Henan Province Women's Labour Camp.

Some family members, relatives and friends of the so-called "self-immolators" were among the participants. A great number of police, military police, medical staff involved in the emergency care, personnel in all the related work units, as well as some of their family and friends either directly or indirectly participated in the plot. That includes those who knew about the scheme before the incident.

The so-called "self-immolation incident" has caused immeasurable harm. All individuals and work units involved in this incident have committed crimes in this bloody conspiracy. The following is a preliminary list of the crimes involved. (Based on an individual's depth of involvement, each one may be charged for one or more crimes.)

Crimes against humanity, genocide, torture, conspiracy, spying, premeditated assault,

illegal detention, intimidation or terrorist threats, premeditated murder, assault and abuse, rape, illegal search of person, illegal search and seizure of property, illegal entry, slander, extortion by means of torture-violence or any other means, hate crimes, depriving people of religious freedom of belief, invasion of privacy, crime of perjury, abduction, destruction of legal documents and falsifying evidence, witness obstruction,

aiding and abetting the destruction of evidence and/or falsifying evidence or documents, threatening witnesses, harbouring criminals, shielding perpetrators, withholding or concealing evidence, abuse of powers of office, perverting the law, illegal incarceration and detention, bringing false charges against another, swindling people out of their money or goods, to name a few.

In the near future, it will be a natural process to put Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan, Liu Jing, Zhou Yongkang and other major perpetrators on trial, when China frees itself from the rule of the CCP and enters a new era. The facts of their crimes, just as in the cases of Hitler, Mussolini, Hideki Tojo, and Nicolae Ceausescu, are beyond doubt. Therefore, referencing the related articles of Post-World War II International Law, they will be charged with crimes for which people have received capital punishment. The International Tribunal dedicated to the trial of these criminals is in the process of being established. Tiananmen Square and the People's Hall beside the square will probably become the venue for the grand trial and adjudication.

According to Item One of Article 33 in Rome Statute of International Criminal Court, "The fact that a crime within the jurisdiction of the Court has been committed by a person pursuant to an order of a Government or of a superior, whether military or civilian shall not relieve that person of criminal responsibility."

After World War II, many war criminals were sentenced and subjected to capital punishment. Among them were those directly responsible for the murders and those who were indirectly involved but were confirmed to be absolutely responsible for the deaths of innocent people, including Nazi journalists and nurses working inside the concentration camps.

Presently, the so-called "self-immolation incident at Tiananmen Square" played a very special and influential role in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and in deceiving the Chinese people, as well as the international community. It is a huge crime. Any participant in this crime, if he or she is still holding onto the thought of escaping punishment in the near future, is foolish beyond words. For those who have participated in such a major criminal case which involved such a large number of people, and which has caused detrimental effects lasting five years, such a flagrant frame-up with obvious loopholes easily observed in documents accessible to the general public, none of the criminals involved has a chance of covering up his or her crimes, no matter how hard he or she tries.

Now the publication of the Nine Commentaries of the Chinese Communist Party2 has presented a wonderful opportunity to the Chinese people. We are able to see the true colours of the CCP's evil nature. The gigantic wave of renouncing the CCP is the inevitable result. As of today, nearly nine million people have published announcements over the Internet to renounce the evil CCP and its affiliated organisations. This is an unprecedented occurrence in human history and it reflects the aspirations and longings of the Chinese people. We are confident that the unveiling of the truth of the so-called "self-immolation incident" is imminent. We believe the trial of this flagrant case will soon unfold.

The establishment of WOIPFG was not meant to seek retaliation, though. Our goal is to bring an end to the persecution and to save people with the truth, to save as many people as possible.

All of us partaking in the investigation have mixed feelings in our hearts.

On one hand, we felt excited and encouraged because the unveiling of the truth of this incident in front of all Chinese people and international community would immediately bring an end to the persecution of Falun Gong and Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese communist regime, and justice will be upheld.

On the other hand, we felt sorrow deep inside. Why has there been such a tragic catastrophe for the nation of China? Why was the Chinese Communist Party able to hoodwink so many fellow Chinese citizens simply by means of such awkward deceptive propaganda? Why did such a large number of people betray their consciences during the persecution that has lasted for six and a half years? Once the trial is initiated, all those who have partaken in the persecution and are confirmed as guilty will be brought to justice. However, after all, many of them were likely deceived and used as tools by the Chinese Communist Party without knowing the true nature of this persecution.

Today, the persecution has not yet ended. The majority of the evidence, witnesses and facts, which point to a certain individual involved in the incident, have not been publicised. For all those who partook in the crime, but still have that tiny bit of kindness and humanity left, this is indeed an opportunity.

We appeal to all individuals who have heard things, or who know certain aspects of the real story of the "self-immolation incident," those who hold evidence or who themselves are witnesses, for the sake of the future of our nation, please expose this crime by all means, immediately.

All those participants who still have conscience and humanity, please grasp this very last chance to redeem yourselves by exposing the crimes and showing your repentance.

- The Investigative Committee of "Self-immolation Incident at Tiananmen Square" (A subordinate committee under the WOIPFG)


1. The 610 office is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.
2. Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party: Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party is a series of essays published in late 2004 that reveal the true nature of the Communist Party. The Nine Commentaries have led millions of people to renounce their membership in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and come to gain a clearer understanding about the wrongful persecution against Falun Gong. "A book that has shocked all Chinese around the world. A book that is disintegrating the Communist Party."

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