Germany: Falun Gong Practitioners Protest at the Chinese Consulate in Munich Against the CCP’s Secret Concentration Camp

Since the Chinese Communist Regime’s secret concentration camp at Sujiatun came to light and its barbaric action of harvesting living Falun Gong practitioners’ organs was exposed, practitioners all over the world went to their local Chinese Consulates and Embassies to protest. On March the 16th 2006, German practitioners gathered at the Chinese Consulate in Munich in bitterly cold weather and protested against the CCP’s inhumane behaviour.

A Falun Gong practitioner called Mr Chen Gang, who lives in Munich, said that the Sujiatun Concentration Camp was exposed because around nine million Chinese people have publicly withdrawn from the CCP. The massive number of Chinese quitting the CCP had become an inspiration for other Chinese people to come forward. He said: “I believe in the future, there will be more and more people quitting the CCP and standing up against it, and there will be more people exposing the CCP’s crimes against humanity.”

The participants at the gathering came from various German cities, such as Ulm, Munich and Passau. A German practitioner from Passau took leave from work and came by train especially for the event. She said: “It upsets me to know that there are also concentration camps in China, not just in Hitler’s era. The concentration camps in China are even worse because the practitioners there were tortured, their organs taken away and they died in a horrible state.”

The passers-by and people that visited the Chinese Consulate on the day had a chance to learn what’s really going on in China. Despite the very cold weather, some people stayed and talked to practitioners for a long time. A man with a PhD in Politics even advised practitioners on how to get the attention from the international community.

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