Taiwan: People from All Walks of Life March to Protest CCP Atrocities in Taitong

Ever since the horrendous crimes of removing organs from Falun Gong practitioners for profit and then cremating their remains inside the Sujiatun Concentration Camp was disclosed, people from all walks of life have voiced their condemnation of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). At 10 a.m. on March 19th, practitioners in Taitong held a rally to strongly protest the barbaric atrocities of the CCP. Besides local practitioners, representatives from the government, community leaders, medical professionals, veterinarians, the educational system, farmers, students, indigenous Taiwanese and people from Green Island participated in the rally and unanimously condemned the barbaric atrocities of the CCP.

Politicians from Different Parties Unanimously Condemn Atrocities of the CCP

Regardless their political affiliation, Tangtong politicians in succession condemned the atrocities of the CCP. A candidate for the Tangtong county commissioner, Mr. Liu, was the former deputy county commissioner. He said that safeguarding freedom of belief is the responsibility of everyone. As a lawyer, he cosigned a letter with other lawyers in Taiwan to condemn the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong. He also hoped that everyone would step forward to rescue practitioners persecuted in China.

Chinese Nationalist Party candidate for the county commissioner Ms. Guang delegated an assistant to voice her support for Falun Gong practitioners.

Mr. Chen said that he came to the rally with a mixed feeling of indignation and admiration. While outraged by the atrocities of the CCP, he admired the courage of practitioners facing the most evil regime in the world. He stressed that the peace across the Strait must start with termination of the persecution of Falun Gong. At the rally, he shouted loudly: "Falun Dafa is good! Justice will defeat evil."

Medical Professionals: The CCP Tramples on Lives

Dr. Guo from Dongxiang condemned the CCP for violating fundamental medical ethics and human morality. He stressed that according to human laws and heavenly principles, all perpetrators who have assisted the CCP in their atrocities will be held accountable in the future.

Dr. Guo strongly condemns the CCP

A representative of the local Veterinary Association pointed out that they would mourn for several minutes before dissecting any animal's body in order to express their respect to its life and give thanks for its contribution to humanity. However, people under the CCP's tyranny are being killed arbitrarily; they are treated with less respect than animals in free countries.

Education System: The Brutal Treatment of Students Reveals the CCP's Evil Nature

Schoolteacher Ms. Ye said that the purpose of education is to guide youngsters to goodness, which will foster a society of love and compassion. However, the CCP has totally gone the opposite way and has turned the Mainland into a place full of demonic characteristics.

A student representative of National Dong-Hwa University Su said that the greatest wish of students is to have a safe environment to study. However, such an environment has never existed in China. From the Tiananmen Massacre of students in 1989 to the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and their family members, including babies and teenagers, one can clearly see the evil nature of the CCP.

Representatives of Farmers and Indigenous People: The Inhuman Atrocities of the CCP Are Not Tolerated by the Heavenly Principles

Farmer Ms. Zhen stressed that comparing to Chinese people living under the CCP's tyranny, people living in Taiwan are very fortunate. Ms. Gao of Bunun Folks and Ms. Pan of Amis Folks, wearing their traditional costumes, also joined the rally. They said that Taiwan's indigenous people love peace and cannot tolerate the CCP's inhuman treatment of practitioners of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance."

Representatives of Taiwanese Indigenous People condemn the killing of practitioners detained in the Sujiatun Concentration Camp

Other participates in the rally included representatives from postal workers and people from Green Island.

At the end of the rally, the participants jointly called on all kind-hearted friends to speak out against the atrocities. The rally was concluded with a motorcade parade to spread the news of the atrocities to more people.

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