Slovakia: The Mayor of Spisska Nova Ves Condemns the Torture of Falun Gong Practitioners by Government Authorities in China

After the trade in organs from practitioners of Falun Gong in China was exposed, Falun Gong practitioners in Slovakia contacted the Mayors of cities and villages across the whole of Slovakia. In a letter we informed them about these practises. As a reaction to this letter, the Mayor of Spisska Nova Ves, a middle-sized city in eastern Slovakia wrote:

“It hasn’t been a long time, since we also felt the dominance and tyranny of one party’s persecution, imprisonment, loss of freedom and human dignity, torture and even death.

Also because of these reasons, after reading your letter, as well as the testimonies stated in it and description of the oppression and torture of people believing in Falun Gong, I strongly condemn such practises by the government authorities in China and I join, in this way, other pro-democracy oriented people and appeal to the highest government representatives in China to stop the torture and killing of innocent people.

In closing I state my confidence, that as well as me, also many people of good will on this Earth want to live in love, understanding, freedom and peace.”...

We are glad that there are such people, who realise, that human life is irreplaceable and we condemn the practise of the regimes, who arbitrarily crush and oppress other people’s lives.

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