My Older Sister's Experience of Conducting Organ Removal Surgeries

Heinous deeds that we cannot even imagine are happening, for there is nothing the Chinese Communist Party is not capable of
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My older sister was once a kidney specialist and had performed live organ removal procedures and transplant operations. This was during 1996-1997. It was considered a new procedure in our city; therefore, the city hospital was assigned the task. Before the prisoner was executed, the doctor would go to the execution site to remove the kidneys and take them back to the hospital. Then they performed the transplant procedure for the patient on the operating table. She once said: "You cannot tell outsiders about it. The reason why developed countries' organ transplant success rate is worse than ours is because of the restriction of their laws. They have been trying to unveil our organ transplant success rate. This is highly confidential."

Because this involves my sister, I treated it as my own private matter and never told anyone about it. I never thought that the unscrupulous organisation was this large, involving the medical departments, public security departments, the procuratorate, the courts, and the governmental departments. I also did not consider this a crime. Those who committed this crime had no idea they were criminal acts. They even thought they were the "angels" in this unscrupulous system! Blinded by the lies, they thought they were saving lives when they were actually committing criminal acts. This is such a terrible thing.

One can say that the entire medical profession in China was kidnapped and forced to become criminals!

Why do I say that? My family lives in a very small city in Heilongjiang Province. It is not a major city where the crime is being exposed. Even a small city like ours has had the capacity to harvest human organs for quite a while. Apparently, this heinous act has spread throughout China. I sincerely plead with those who are aware of it, to provide more information, expose the crime, and stop the slaughter!

Due to the environment in China, I cannot name the location and the hospital. This city is too small, and it is very easy for them to investigate those who are involved. In order to protect my family, I cannot divulge the details. I feel sad about it. I hope the international community can expedite their action and stop this crime. Please hurry! These crimes are still being carried out!

I would like to make a suggestion to all Falun Dafa practitioners in China. If possible, please provide a list of the names of the hospital staff. Use all means and methods to give the ma chance to learn the truth about Falun Dafa. Please save those sentient beings, for they are in a perilous situation. Please save them!

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